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Coaching & Academy

Maximise your return on investment in your teams by providing access to relevant, individual learning, including coaching and self paced personal and professional development programs.

Coaching, executive coaching and mentoring packages are co-designed to suit your situation. Academy access, with micro module learning, can be created for individuals and enterprise to target relevant, specific training themes.

  • Coaching

    Coaching comes from the Hungarian, ‘kocsi’, meaning ‘carriage.’ Back in the 1830’s, Oxford University professors were using their skills to ‘carry’ students through exams and that’s how coaching started to take on its current context. Nowadays, coaching isn’t just for academics. It’s become an essential tool, synonymous with success, for individuals and teams in both sport and business. Coaching and mentoring are a secret sauce for driving personal improvement. A robust coaching framework invokes self reflection and commitment. It simultaneously allows powerful feedback and candour through vulnerability and trust. That’s where the magic really happens! Implement strategic coaching and mentoring, or invest to certify your own leaders as coaches.

    Key Takeaways
    • Executive coaching, individual coaching, sales coaching, team coaching
    • Foundations set, co created relationships, end results facilitated
    • Coaching and mentoring packages are tailored for format and style
    Ideal for

    One on one coaching, team coaching, executive coaching courses, coaching pathways, coaching certification, human behaviour profiling, personality profiling, individual learning pathways , coaching programs, mentoring programs, leadership development training, personal development or professional development.

    I had the privilege of being coached and trained by Mark back in 2008. Mark is so talented at what he does and gave me a great first impression. Fast-forward 13 years I contacted Mark as I needed a great Coach and Mentor for n a team of Course Advisors, Marketing Executives and Customer Service Agents. Mark excelled in the virtual space with high energy coaching and his charismatic approach had everyone highly engaged. Since the training and coaching I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the team. The training has been so effective that we are working on further plans with Mark. I highly recommend Mark to any business thinking of re-igniting their staff potential.

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    — Head of Student Recruitment, Torrens University
  • Growth Academy

    The ‘GROWTH’ catalogue is your go to source for personal development and continued personal growth. The catalogue offers a range of self-paced, micro module training designed to help you achieve personal goals through increased self-confidence. With our daily habits for personal success and fulfillment, you’ll learn how to tap your potential and live a purpose driven life. Document your learning notes to refer back to anytime or complete fun, reflective quizzes. You can even set goals aligned with improved performance, continual learning or personal fulfillment. The ‘GROWTH ACADEMY’ is aligned with the season of spring: plant the seeds for continual learning then watch those seeds blossom, thrive and flourish with seemingly effortless ease.

    Key Takeaways
    • ‘POTENTIAL’: 26 chapters for personal growth and achieving goals
    • FREEDOM’: identify and minimise factors relating to stress and anxiety
    • Other content focuses on mindfulness, fitness and daily habits for success
    Ideal for

    Personal development training, personal improvement, personal growth, goal setting, mental health, mindset, mindfulness, relationships, internal motivation, communication skills, resilience, motivational training, mindset training, mental health, self help, self improvement, emotional intelligence or life and career coaching.

    The support, processes and strategies that you have provided the team have been invaluable. You have been able to strike the perfect blend between live learning and online learning. I have seen a huge shift in our team engagement and performance since we commenced the program, with you. The MC Academy, with both personal development and professional development, has been a critical part of our success. Having access to an almost limitless amount of relevant, but bite sized chunks of content ensure the team can learn in their own time.

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    — Co Founder, The Hype Society
  • Leadership Academy

    The ‘LEADERSHIP’ catalogue addresses leadership, management and talent development tools in addition to behavioural sciences. To be an effective people leader it’s crucial to understand the nature of people. Programs allow you to dive into topics like DISC, profiling, motivation and emotional intelligence. Learn the difference between leading, managing and coaching or how to leverage feedback so it’s received as a gift. Gain practical tips using people leader tools such as one on ones, effective team meetings, strategy, stakeholder management and more. Aligned with the season of summer: the ‘LEADERSHIP ACADEMY’ content infuses optimism, motivation and the business nutrients required for a team to thrive. The light radiated by leaders creates a positive impact.

    Key Takeaways
    • THOUGHT TANK’: profiling tools, motivation and emotional intelligence
    • ‘5C MODEL’: confidence creativity, culture, coaching and challenges
    • ‘GLOW’: people leader tools for practical tips managing teams
    Ideal for

    Leadership development, leadership training programs, leadership skills, emotional intelligence training, eq, management tools, talent development, coaching skills, culture development, feedback, DISC profiling, emotional intelligence, human behaviour and strategy, leadership team building, motivational and inspirational leadership techniques and tools.

    I met Mark in 2015 whilst working at Groupon. He gave me a great first impression as a facilitator and trainer, and certainly challenged me during the interactive group induction! Fast-forward 5 years, with Mark coaching me in my leadership role at Xero. He is super engaging, genuine and a real pro helping me to embrace my personal style and capabilities. A friend of mine who I connected to Mark also sang his praises in coaching, and I feel confident recommending him to others.

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    — People Experience Shared Services Manager, Xero
  • Opportunity Academy

    The ‘OPPORTUNITY’ catalogue puts a learning lens on professional development. This treasure trove offers end-to-end skills to master sales capabilities and all things customer related: business development, account management or customer service. If you’re looking to improve presentation skills, facilitation skills or simply gain more confidence as a presenter, our popular program ‘ORATOR’ is a perfect fit. You’ll find content dedicated to operations, change management, onboarding and productivity. You can even access a personalised work from home behavioural science report. Aligned with the season of autumn, where prior growth begins to regress, our ‘OPPORTUNITY ACADEMY’ helps you stay ahead. Just like the beauty of autumn colours, continued professional development allows you to see opportunities even when markets recede.

    Key Takeaways
    • ROCKET’: for sales, account management and customer service
    • ‘5P OPS’: people, projects, productivity, profitability and processes
    • ‘ORATOR’: presentation skills, facilitation skills, TTT or self confidence
    Ideal for

    Sales training, sales techniques, sales skills, sales enablement, sales development, account management, customer service training, sales process, sales performance, presentation skills training, the art of storytelling, storytelling skills, onboarding, productivity training, time management training and change management.

    I first discovered Mark Carter’s work through his first book ‘Ignite your potential’ and soon became my ‘go to’ book for both my personal development and professional life. I even started to refer to it as my bible. I would use it to direct me back on track and inspire me when I needed a push both personally and professionally. I then sat in on several of his training workshops and booked him for a day workshop for the hotel I was working with and he completely turned around our workplace culture, a huge success. It was then I purchased his second book ‘Add Value’ and it changed my perspective and mindset about what I wanted and what I’ll hold value to both personally and professionally. I recently joined Marks Academy during my downtime of Covid19 to prepare for the next role in my career. I am currently focusing on Coaching, Presentation skills, sales skills, and leadership development. I have access to the academy and I am additionally doing workshops, being coached one on one, and Mark keeps the coaching exciting, informative, and inspiring and makes it relevant to my field of hospitality.

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    — Manager, Hospitality
  • Wisdom Academy

    ‘WISDOM’ is our catalogue showcasing a mixed bag of learning across a broad selection of both personal and professional development themes. It’s a go-to resource packed with blogs, vlogs and previous keynote presentations. There’s outstanding shared knowledge and wisdom with quality collaborators. Discover the secret to ‘CHARISMA’ or ‘NLP’ with Sean Chevell: two short courses particularly well received by academy students. ‘FREEDOM’ arms you with strategies to minimise anxiety and stress. This program was created after coaching an individual who’d previously experienced agoraphobia achieve outstanding personal success. The ‘WISDOM ACADEMY’ is aligned with the season of winter: a period commonly associated with hibernation, the perfect metaphor for contemplation, self-reflection and rejuvenation preparing for a new cycle of exciting growth.

    Key Takeaways
    • VLOGS’, ‘BLOGS’, ‘PODCAST’ and previous ‘KEYNOTES’
    • ‘CHARISMA and ‘NLP’ with collaborator Sean Chevell
    • Short series with ‘The International Institute of Directors & Managers’
    Ideal for

    Personal development, personal improvement, personal growth, professional development, self help, self improvement, goal setting, continuous learning, resilience training, NLP, emotional intelligence, EQ, communication skills, motivation, inspiration, mindset or mental health.

    When I think of Mark “MC” Carter, the first word that springs to mind is “Authenticity.” What you see is what you get with MC without any filters. I believe this trait to be extremely important and sets MC apart. He is one of the best sales training facilitators and coaches that I have come across. Through his own unique style of delivering content, he brings about a high level of engagement amongst participants. He challenges individuals to stretch themselves but is genuinely interested in seeing them continually improve. MC delivers his content with passion and energy combining best practices in sales with behavioural insight to tremendously add value. What distinguishes MC apart from anyone else is the fact that he is approachable, personable and is deeply interested in getting the best out of you. These coaching characteristics coupled with the mastery he has in the delivery of his content make MC an asset to any organisation he is a part of. He comes to each session prepared and tailors training content specifically to his audience. I highly recommend MC as a sales trainer, presenter, personal development specialist or executive coach to businesses and individuals alike. The energy and positivity he brings will be contagious. Professionally, I have enjoyed my interactions with MC and believe his high performance sales training framework has positively impacted my role. On a personal note, I have found MC to have many interesting and worldly insights, act with integrity but also consider him a friend. Keep being inspirational MC – ‘onwards & upwards!

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    — Director, Tech Start Up

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