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Ignite Your Potential

Ignite your potential with a plethora of development ideas that cater to both personal and professional growth

‘Ignite Your Potential’ is a creative development book that delivers punchy chapters filled with practical tips to help improve your personal development and business performance. It’s an interesting combination of memoir and advice from a variety of accredited programs and model including emotional intelligence.

Each chapter focuses on a specific theme of personal improvement, offering insights and entertaining stories that are then distilled into three actionable tips. These suggestions are designed to provoke thought and action. They can be applied to all areas of life, but are particularly geared towards achieving peak performance, personal growth and business success. A book ideally suited for periodic or regular revisits and short reads!

  • The ‘Ignite Your Potential’ app is a daily card play for motivation
  • Thought provoking personal and professional development themes
  • Actionable ideas and thought provoking tips
  • Inspiring art which can also be accessed for non commercial use

The book features the ‘Ignite’ art set by Deborah Gillham. The illustrations are inspired by the higher arcana found in tarot but have been converted into practical, less esoteric, themes for personal and professional development. You’ll find symbolic deeper descriptions of the art in the book. ‘Ignite’ art has also been made available for non-commercial use only.  (You can find in ‘creative goodies’) Pay it forward with a charity donation to a worthy cause that inspires you!

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“Brilliant! Inspiring! Enlightening! Well researched, written and read and I’m only one third of the way through.”
“I found this book incredibly interesting. There are a lot of terrific tips that would certainly benefit people not only in their careers, but also in their personal relationships as well. I wish this book was available when I was starting out in my working career many years ago. Mainly because when you are young you make mistakes, and most of us don’t have the knowledge and helpful hints that Mark has covered off, and done so very well indeed. However, I do feel that this book would benefit people of all ages, no matter what stage of life you are at. I really enjoyed Marks personal stories, as a tour director for Contiki. There is a lot of interesting history throughout the book, and It was nice to learn something along the way. I can see that Mark Carter would have put a lot of work into book, and he has done a splendid job. I wound certainly recommend it as a very worthwhile book to read. Easily worth the 5/5 Star rating.”