Ignite Your Potential

‘Ignite Your Potential’. My first book! Some story elements were written 14 years ago and the overall concept structured 7 years ago. It was time to get it done.

There are many aspects of life I love. Travel, development, and creativity are right up there which is why this book, my first, blends all three.

In a former life as a Contiki Tour Director, I was fortunate enough to travel extensively, often in leadership roles. I spent many years traversing Europe, an experience that became like an educational, exciting merry-go-round. My fascination with culture, traditions and history lead me to stumble on the origins of the Tarot while I was living in France and Italy.

The Tarot is made up of the Minor Arcana and Major Arcana cards. These translate to ‘little secrets’ and ‘big secrets’ respectively. The Minor Arcana cards can be traced back to the Middle Ages where they were used as playing cards. They were typically comprised of four suits: cups, coins, swords and bats. In more recent times, the bat suit has been replaced with the stick suite, but apart from that, the principle of the cards is the same.

The Major Arcana cards are a little different. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, but there has been speculation that the Tarot could be traced back to the Holy Land of Israel or even Ancient Egypt. The Major Arcana cards represent the big picture life messages and themes.

Put aside the shenanigans of charlatans, over-the-top occultism and fortune telling fantasies. A simpler, more pragmatic way of utilising the idea of Tarot is as a tool for self-analysis.

In our adapted version each card has a dedicated theme and symbol to help you reflect, review, reconcile and re-engage during different stages of your life.

As I mentioned, I love development. I’ve worked in my field for close to 20 years and wanted to release a creative piece that simultaneously provokes personal reflection, growth and evolution. Each chapter focusses on a specific theme, which is brought to life through a story or insight. In addition to being entertaining and educational, hopefully, it will provoke awareness, thought, and action.

Ignite Your Potential is a creative development tool with a holistic spin on the concept of the Major Arcana: 22 chapters, 22 themes and 22 visual tools to encourage and inspire you to ignite your potential.

I collaborated with a wonderful illustrator, Deborah Gillham, to bring my vision to this body of work to life. You’ll also notice an evolution of colour in the artwork throughout the book that aligns to the themes of balancing the seven chakras.


The root chakra. The Muladhara chakra. It harmonises basic survival, logic, order, vitality and passion.


The sacral chakra. The Swadhisthana chakra. It is symbolic of compassion, desire and taste.


The solar plexus chakra. The Manipura chakra. It relates to creativity and personal and professional success.


The heart chakra. The Anahata chakra. It bridges low and high energy centres and is associated with self-respect, altruism, kindness and relationships.


The throat chakra. The Vishuddhi chakra. It represents listening, thinking and communication.


The third eye chakra. The Ajna chakra. It focuses on the higher plane of consciousness, imagination, wisdom and authenticity.

Violet and white light:

The crown chakra. The Sahasrara chakra. It represents collective consciousness, joy, grace, optimism, fulfillment and universal love.



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‘Ignite Your Potential’

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