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TEDx Talk

Paws and Effect:

How Teddy Bears Can Expand Your Value Perception

Mark’s TEDx talk explores the critical role of value in achieving sustainable success. Whilst incorporating How To Add Value into the title may have been more straight forward, the addition of fluffy stars added a touch of curiosity and whimsy befitting of the TEDx platform.

Value is a foundation of success in all ventures, whether in business, a community initiative or your personal life. However, people often perceive value through specific filters based on their experiences, beliefs and values. It may be a challenge to educate, build and inspire others to appreciate value. By offering a fresh perspective we might engage people in a way that inspires them to find this value for themselves.

‘Add Value’, published globally by Wiley, expands on the value model exploration through five elements of value to spark the imagination and catalyse impact.