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183 'Have seen Mark present a few times and more recently we used him for our Kwik Kopy conference. His presentation was excellent but more importantly, he aligned his presentation and follow workshop to our requirements and strategic direction. This meant we had a consistent message being delivered through our conference. Highly recommended Mark. He can deliver a great keynote, MC and hold workshops. A good all rounder.'
Peter Fiasco, Franchising Specialist, Kwik Kopy
182 'I had the pleasure of working with Mark Carter, who spoke and MC’d our mega conference, creating an unforgettable cinematic immersive experience. From the outset, Mark showed exceptional dedication, thoroughly undertaking our briefs and delivering content that was not only meaningful but also deeply engaging. His passion and care were evident in every aspect of his performance, and his enthusiastic delivery style captivated our audience. Mark’s ability to connect with the crowd and convey the event’s key messages with such energy and professionalism was truly impressive. I highly recommend Mark for any event that requires a dynamic and impactful MC.'
Panteha Jadidi, Marketing Manager, Kwik Kopy
'Mark was an outstanding MC for our 3 day conference and Gala Dinner. Working with Mark in the lead up to the conference was easy. He is a meticulous planner, was well prepared and adapted to challenges on the day. Mark was interested to understand our business, sector and the delegates, this ensured we set the right tone of the event. His energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and sensitivity enabled him to engage and connect with our delegates. Mark kept us on track and ensured that all aspects ran smoothly according to our agenda and the transition from one keynote speaker to the next flowed seamlessly. Mark captivated the delegates attention and engaged with them throughout the event.'
Sharon Bower, Manager, National Suicide Prevention Research Fund, Suicide Prevention Australia
180 'Mark Carter was the keynote speaker and emcee at our 2024 Kwik Kopy Conference in Fiji, and he did an outstanding job. His contributions were professional, effective and targeted, and he brought energy and vitality to all he did. His pre-conference diligence and briefings were thorough, and his overall contribution added greatly to our event.'
Annalise Andrews, Board Member, Kwik Kopy
179 Mark is truly genuine, educated, and captivating when he speaks. His interactions and influence on everyone in the room are deliberate and motivating. Having spent a weekend with Mark at a business retreat where he led his Tri Metrix workshop, I left feeling personally inspired with a deeper insight into myself and others. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I now have the tools to improve both myself and my communication with others. As a business owner, recognising natural behavioural preferences and motivations is priceless and will create a more engaged and joyful workplace.
Rhys Van Slooten, Director, Morph Design Studio
178 'Fantastic. Mark is the only coach I've taken tangible, easy-to-implement tips from that have a measurable impact. I'd highly recommend Mark.'
Alex Jessop, Method Recruitment
177 I highly recommend Mark for his exceptional oratory skills and the outstanding ORATOR workshop he conducted. Mark has an amazing aura when he is on the stage ,effortlessly commanding both the content and the attention of the audience while ensuring deep learning takes place. Keep Shining Mark!
Rabia Dhody, HR Leader, SA Dept of Trade And investment
176 Entire Travel Group recently ran three Travel Showcase & Soirée events in February 2024 in Brisbane, Melbourne and Syndey - which Mark presented and was our MC. Mark's enthusiasm and energy levels ensured the events were a success, through his ability to connect with the audience and generate interaction and participation. Our partners left motivated and inspired to take their business to the next level.
Greg McCallum, Director, Entire Travel Group
175 If I was to describe Mark in one word, that word would be inspiring. He is an ocean filled with knowledge and he is not shy to share them. He is kind with his time and is full of energy. If you have an opportunity to meet him in real life, let alone work with him, it would be foolish to pass on such an honour.
Ali Jahani, Content Creator, Self Employed
174 Knowledge is power, and each and every time I am in Marks presence, I come out feeling empowered and reenergised. Thank you Mark for sharing your knowledge and life experiences. You’ve made me a better person from your guidance & teachings.
Richie Heathcote, CEO, Liberty Equipment Hire
173 I've had the privilege of experiencing several of Mark Carter's keynotes. His dynamic delivery and engaging content captivated the audience, leaving a lasting impression. Mark is an amazing speaker with flawless execution – a true professional in every sense.
Julian Haines, Founder, Team Days
172 I wanted to express my thanks to Mark Carter for his presentation for the Loch Sport Business and Tourism Association in Feb 2024. We're a small regional town and had a grant to run the event so get creative with grant applications if you think your smaller organisation wouldn't have the opportunity of this calibre of speaker. Like the true professional he is, he tailored his presentation to be relevant to the audience, which was made up of service and sporting clubs and other community members. In his clever way he used stories that had everyone spellbound as sought to inspire the clubs to be more creative and empowered in finding ways to overcome the issue of declining numbers of volunteers and an aging cohort.  His brilliance is around the concept of value and the facets of how that is created and I believe generally speaks to business and corporate audiences. The fact that he was able to tailor his message to get through to a small town audience shows the depth of his skills. Everyone was talking about key points from his message during the finger food and cups of tea afterwards! If you are a leader in an organisation or community that relies on volunteers and are concerned about the issues of declining and aging volunteers, I’d recommend getting in touch with Mark. Getting him to present or to work with your leadership team would be money well spent. I was blown away by the amount of value he provided and his willingness to come to our little town 3 hours from Melbourne. I can say with absolute certainty that Mark Carter isn’t one of those divas who’ll swan in, do their thing in the amount of time you've paid for and out without any effort to understand your context. He was down on 90 mile beach and at Lochy’s Coffee talking to the locals and finding out about our town and its issues and tailoring his talk to be spot on. Thanks again Mark.
Joanne Law, Board Member, Loch Sport Business Community & Tourism

'Mark created a bespoke learning package for Method Recruitment and spent the time meeting with us on multiple occasions to understand our needs, then customize his training specifically for our team. He went above and beyond in the lead up in terms of communication, then during the session it was clear he had done his research and incorporated our brand elements and key business values. The result really resonated with the group, and his interactive style ensured everyone left feeling like they had a chance to participate. There were super impactful take-aways he's already helping us implement! Looking forward to Part 2 in a few months to really solidify the learning across individual teams. Love Mark's strategic lens on long term change making at a business level!

Kate Illsley, Employee Experience Manager, Method Recruitment
170 Mark's presentation was dynamic, engaging and cinematic. The immersive audio-visual presentation took our whole group on a journey for the entire hour. Inspirational. Thought provoking. The extra Q&A on the fly at the end was super direct and detailed in responses. Our audience and team loved it. Highly recommend booking Mark for your next event.
James Veigli, Founder, 10X Broker
169 One of the challenges with organising large conferences is that attendees feel like they've seen it all before. The same slideshows, the same graphs, the same stories... For our recent annual dealer event, I engaged Mark Carter as the keynote speaker. What a great decision that proved to be! Mark possesses a unique ability to captivate audiences with his dynamic and charismatic speaking style combined with captivating storytelling. His presentation is a full cinematic experience and his masterful timing means that the visuals add extra impact to already powerful content. Importantly, working with Mark in the lead up to the event was easy. He was interested to understand our business and the audience, and showed a genuine commitment to exceeding (everyone's) expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark to any organisation looking for top-tier expertise, a speaker who can inspire, educate, entertain and deliver a truly transformative experience.
John Di Natale, Training Manager, Polaris
168 'Golden Retriever Energy' 'Mark was brilliant!' 'Wow. Loved the session. I wrote so many notes. Thank you' 'Awesome content, very engaging presenter' 'HIgh energy. Engaging. Loved the personal touches to the stories. Was thought provoking and made the brain tick' 'The session was very motivational and reminded me of the importance of our value we provide' 'Amazing speaker, engaging, great content' 'Uplifting. Inspiring. Interesting. Cool visual presentation on screen too' 'Life changing way to think about the future' 'How about Mark's energy! I loved the Tangible Value, Emotional Value, Service Value! Priceless!'
Attendee Sound Byte Excerpts, Inspired Growth Training 23"
167 Mark presented to our Enterprise Sales team at our annual sales kick off and he absolutely knocked it out of the park! One thing he did really well was to get to know our business beforehand through phone calls and meetings to better understand what would be suitable for us on the day. He tailored a fantastic presentation based on different kinds of value however the way he presented it with his unique style and content that he provides just captured everyone’s attention. He was engaging, spoke with passion and fully enhanced our day offering some fantastic insights into how we could elevate our conversation with our customers and partners to help differentiate ourselves from the competition. He has subsequently followed up with us throughout 2023 and we will continue to work with Mark to access his extremely valuable academy content. I would highly recommend working with Mark as he brings such a wealth of sales experience with positive energy and delivers extremely valuable sales strategy content in such a differentiated way which really benefits any sales organisation helping them to improve their overall sales performance with real value at the core.
John Ryalls, Sales Director, Equinix
166 I highly recommend Mark Carter as a Master of Ceremony. We recently hired Mark to host our flagship Red Hat Connect event in Sydney, and he truly exceeded our expectations. Mark's ability to engage and entertain the audience was outstanding. His unique approach to introducing speakers, speaking to the audience, and entertaining people, combined with his impressive ability to keep the event running smoothly, left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance, including our marketing team. His energy and passion were infectious, creating an enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere throughout the entire event. On top of it, Mark's professionalism and dedication were remarkable. He took the time to talk with each speaker, understand their presentation, the event's content and flow, and tailored his script perfectly to each speaker and the different engagement activities happening during the event. His preparation, time management, ideas and attention to detail were impressive, resulting in a seamless event and impactful experience for our attendees. What sets Mark apart is his ability to understand our event's content and flow, genuinely connect with the speakers and the audience, and bring in an enthusiastic atmosphere that keeps each attendee engaged and motivated to take actions. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Carter as a Master of Ceremony for any event. His expertise, passion, energy and ability to connect make him an invaluable addition to any event. By hiring Mark, you will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your audience, elevating your event to a new level.
Maria Jose Montana (Martinez), Strategy Manager, Red Hat
165 Mark was fantastic! Very engaging, approachable & his key values aligned perfectly with our conference messaging! I would recommend anyone to hire Mark as a presenter! Thank you again Mark!
Ryan Wiggins, General Manager, CSS Group
164 Mark has been the consummate professional - from the very start of our engagement with him he brought his international and state-of-the art perspective to the design, development and delivery of the 2023 Small Business Australia Conference. With his finger on the pulse on subjects ranging from what is Value to today through to what does AI mean for the future of work, careers and business - he proved to be a fabulous edutainer as our MC and Panel facilitator. Want to impact your audience, get Mark involved. 5 STARS.
Bill Lang, Director, Small Business Australia
163 I’ve been following Mark Carter for over four years now, and had the pleasure of seeing him present a keynote presentation in NZ. This year we engaged Mark in not only doing the opening and closing keynote presentations, but also the Master of Ceremonies for our 3 day event. I’m sure you’ll see all the amazing recommendations already on the sessions…. I’ll agree with them all and just include spectacular. Our attendees didn’t know or had heard of Mark, however I knew what they were in for, and was excited to see their reactions.  Mark was tremendous to deal with, his personal touch to all presenters prior to the event, which also continued after the event had concluded. I’m all about personal touch points, plus ones, and continued communication throughout the events, and having Mark simply be like a business partner through this entire process, added so much value to attendees.  Yes… contact me if you have any questions, I run events in four countries and his ability to work with us was perfect.
Deniz Yusuf, Director, Inspired Growth Training
162 Mark was an absolute delight to work with! From the planning, to meeting him in person for run throughs, to the execution of his session - absolute perfection! His pre-planning with both myself and my conference team was both thorough and refreshing. It was nice to see a keynote take such care and concern for delivering an excellent address. His cinematic approach to storytelling and poignant message really struck a cord with our staff and conference we heard rave reviews! Thank you Mark, for energizing our attendees and preparing them for the new and exciting ways that we can incorporate AI into workforce development. I'd highly recommend Mark as a keynote to anyone who is looking!
Hallie Leverich-Purvis, Senior Marketing & Communications Team Lead, Geographic Solutions
161 Mark was MC, as well as opening and closing Keynote speaker, for the Inspired Growth Training property management conference on the Gold Coast in October 2023, where I was a delegate. His cinematic presentations are uniquely phenomenal: meaningful, carefully orchestrated and delivered with oratorical precision in a charismatic style. His content on Values aligned perfectly in a real estate context and the storytelling around the five elements, in particular, I found fascinating. His book “Add Value” is also well worth a read. I highly recommend Mark for any institute looking for someone to motivate their team and reignite value principles and passion in their field.
Esther Nilson, Coronis
160 It’s not often attendees at a conference get to know the keynote speakers on a personal level. Normally, these speakers arrive, deliver their presentations, and make a quick run via the fire exit door to avoid the comments, compliments, and feedback from the audience about their performance. I speak for myself and other attendees when I say we were fortunate to interact with Mark over the course of the two-day conference at various moments. Whether it was during the interactive conference sessions where he actively engaged with the audience or on the conference floor, mingling with attendees and spreading glitter!!, his infectious joy and excitement. Whether it was during coffee breaks, mealtimes, or even at the awards evening, he would acknowledge your presence with a tap on the shoulder as he walked past. Aside from his amazing presence and infectious energy, Mark delivered truly outstanding keynote sessions that kicked off the conference. Having attended many conferences, I can confidently say that this was one of the best experiences I've had. His visual and cinematic presentations on screen, narrated by his confident, assertive yet easy-to-listen-to and captivating voice, held everyone in attentive mode. There wasn't a moment you wanted to miss. His final session of the day, focusing on culture, was incredibly powerful and served as a fitting conclusion to what I can only describe as an exceptional conference hosted by Inspired Growth Training. Have already recommended Mark to a couple of key industry people in NZ for their next conference. Looking forward to meeting you again Mark. Warm Regards. Shadi
Shadi Salehpour, Director, Let's Rent
159 I have had the pleasure of working closely with Mark for on a number of projects accross the business. During this time, I have been consistently impressed by Mark's dedication, expertise, and ability to drive results. Mark's leadership development programs and coaching frameworks are truly exceptional. His insights into behavioral sciences and behavioral change have been instrumental in our team's growth and success. Mark's training methodologies, such as combing emotional intelligence, the DISC profiling and individual motivators have made a significant impact on our organization, resulting in improved leadership, sales strategies, and operational efficiency. I highly recommend Mark Carter to anyone seeking a professional training and coaching expert.
James Newman, Regional Director, Gough Recruitment
158 We had Mark spend a full day with our teams and he was nothing short of sensational! Covering topics like communication, collaboration, sales, storytelling, resilience, leadership and confidence Mark's energy and passion ensured he had our attention from the first to the last minute. The team has been buzzing since and it's been really good to see how we have all implemented the practical tools and skills Mark shared with us.
Dennis Bunnik, Co CEO, Bunnik Tours
157 I have worked with Mark for over 10 years, in many capacities. I have learned from him, watched him including (one of) his “Son et Lumieres” keynote and also collaborated with him at Microsoft for a customer-facing live event, I would recommend Mark in a heartbeat. His energy and passion are contagious, his knowledge, profound.
Clement Schmutz, Azure & Data AI Specialist, Microsoft
156 Mark's ability to captivate an audience is second to none. His charismatic, yet warm personality, well structured content, engaging visuals, a little smattering of humour and truth telling drew us in. Mark takes the time to understand his audience so he can create connection and curate the content so it is both memorable and applicable. Mark, thank you so much for your generous spirit and a most memorable event that I am certain we will be talking about for many months to come.
Lana Johnson, Business Consultant, Apricot Consulting
155 Thank you Mark Carter for your inspiring and motivational presentation for our workplace event. Your energy was empowering and you focused on our workplace and the people within.
Kristy Dahan, Finance & HR Manager, Original Engines Co
154 Mark Carter stands out as a riveting Keynote Speaker. His profound expertise, combined with a unique presentation style, ensures that audiences are always on the edge of their seats. His discussions predominantly center on harnessing potential and grasping value - two essential components for thriving businesses, teams, and individuals. I wholeheartedly recommend inviting Mark to enlighten your team and your business partners.
Paul Hoefer, Business Head, Connectnow
153 A day with Mark Carter is a day in a million; it’s refreshing, it’s full of energy and most importantly it’s learning at the highest level. Mark is one of the best trainers and motivators I have encountered in my 30 years in the travel industry. 10/10 highly recommend. Bunnik Tours Adelaide has already booked him in for next year, cant wait
Sacha Bunnik, Joint CEO, Bunnik Tours
152 Over the past few weeks, Mark and his team have been delivering a sales excellence program to our sales community. These sessions are the culmination of a detailed discovery phase to produce a tailored program to meet the specific UES business need. Mark’s dynamic and engaging manner has made these sessions not only relevant but very effective in opening eyes and minds. Having seen Mark and his team consistently deliver over time, I would not hesitate in recommending their services to any looking for a sales effectiveness boost. Quality business.
Matt Roughan, CEO, UES International
151 I attended a training season with Mark today who tailored a sales training package for our business. Mark was fantastic, he engaged the room and made everyone feel included in the season. Love the ideas that were presented, and Will really help me with my day to day role. Would highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone that’s thinking of having him either speak at their business function or help them with their business. A fantastic man.  Thanks again Mark. I look forward to catching up with you again.
Ashley Jones, Account Manager, UES International
150 I’ve recently had the privilege of hearing from Mr Mark Carter at our Les Clefs d’Or AGM for Australian hotels association of leading Concierges. Mark was very inspirational with well sourced product knowledge. I would highly recommend his services for a key note speaker in any field. Mark, thank you we look forward to working with you again in the future. Rhett
Rhett Constantine, President, Les Clefs D'Or Australia
149 Mark was nothing short of incredible. The energy, enthusiasm and engagement he brought to every single session (even those at midnight at 2am!) was tangible and infectious to the audience. Mark's vivacity, even virtually, was fundamental to increasing our employee's focus and engagement in every single session. Mark bounced off every presenter and guest speaker with ease and effortlessness as if they were life long friends and knew their topics off by hand. He was able to provide incredibly effective and engaging summaries after ever session, and managed the Q&A's, chats and technical glitches seamlessly. The event we ran simply could not have been what it was without Mark. We can't recommend his hosting, moderating and MCing abilities more. He really knew how to lift every single session and help make it more palatable and engaging for our audience’s members no matter the subject matter, guest speaker or audience! Mark was incredibly easy to engage with prior to, during and after the event. He took every piece of feedback and direction I gave him and incorporated it into his presentation immediately and exactly as I imagined. He was incredibly easy to brief, always enthusiastic about the event and constantly provided great ideas to help lift his presentation and our event. He dialed into every session 15 minutes early to meet the presenters and guest beforehand to introduce himself and start engaging and lifting the excitement with the presenters. He was a joy to communicate with before the event and provided daily updates throughout the event that were incredibly helpful for us going forward. He was never not available to contact should I have needed him - no matter what time of day! Many of our audience members and presenters wrote to us to tell us how much they enjoyed Mark, his energy and presentation. Thank you again to Mark, we honestly couldn't have done it without him.
Event Manager, QBE
148 Mark is very engaging, enthusiastic, and knowledgable - A passionate speaker who can relate to all audiences- I would highly recommend Mark to any business!
Sharna O'Brien, Director, Gough Recruitment
147 The positives began well before the event date, Mark took the time to understand our organisation, what we do, how we operate and engaged with key people to begin to develop his presentation. On the day Mark brings an electric energy and a flawless production, the entire room was captivated for the entire presentation. The energy this injected into our meeting was invaluable and I had many of our attendees come to me after to comment on Marks presentation. Mark defines VALUE and he can tailor something for your business that will enhance whatever it is you're looking to achieve! I look forward to a long association with Mark and look forward to continue to collaborate and learn from him.
Dean McWhinney, Chief Concierge, The Grace Hotel
146 Mark and his team have developed an amazing, customised sales excellence program with thought, perspective, class leading sales acumen and complete context to our business and industry. As we speak he is delivering this program to our sales community and our teams are responding with enthusiasm and engagement that will drive the intent we are looking for. Mark's training delivery methods appeal to all senses and we are naturally compelled to listen, learn and act. This is one sales tranformational piece that we are confident will endure.
Ben Petersen, Group Marketing Manager, UES International
145 I've worked with Mark for number of years in a variety of different capacities. Running a corporate events company, in my experience regardless of all the preparation, when it comes to delivery on the day it's important that everybody fulfils their role. The quality of MC is vital and plays a pivotal role. Their demeanour and ability to captivate an audience, be present, in the moment and fluid all at once can often be the difference between a failure or a success. We consistently use Mark as our MC for events for his flow, energy, meticulous planning, thorough collaborative preparation and adaptability. His delivery is flawless, steering the conversation with thoughtful insight, probing questions and pragmatism ensuring a well rounded approach and memorable experience. If you're looking for an MC for your next event, Mark is the consummate professional and I would highly recommend engaging his services.
Nathan Bouquet, Events, Eventpod
144 I attended Mark's workshop on Highly Effective Presentation Skills because I was looking to improve the impact of my presentation. In less than a full day, Mark has successfully empowered me and a full room of colleagues with simple and effective enhancements to our own styles, while showcasing his own incredible skills. The benefits of this workshop were immediately felt, and I look forward to showcase what I learnt. This was one of the most impactful sessions I have ever attended to! Thank you Mark! I am the presentation!
Daniele Dallari, Business Leader, Dept of Trade & Investment
143 I highly recommend Mark Carter as a motivational speaker. We had the pleasure of hiring Mark for our recent event, and his impact was truly remarkable. Mark's ability to engage and inspire our audience was unparalleled. His captivating storytelling, combined with his profound insights and expertise, left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Mark's energy and passion were infectious, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and motivation throughout his session. Beyond his exceptional stage presence, Mark's professionalism and dedication were outstanding. He took the time to understand our event's objectives and tailored his presentation to align perfectly with our theme. His preparation and attention to detail were evident, resulting in a seamless and impactful experience for our attendees. What sets Mark apart is his genuine connection with the audience. He effortlessly connected with individuals from diverse backgrounds and effectively conveyed his message, leaving each person feeling empowered and motivated to take action. The feedback we received from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the positive impact Mark had on their personal and professional lives. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Carter as a motivational speaker. His expertise, passion, and ability to inspire make him an invaluable addition to any event. Hiring Mark will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your audience, elevating your event to new heights.
Atika Rosli, Conference Organiser APAC, Eighth Wave
142 Mark delivered for us an incredibly inspiring keynote presentation at The AllStars Academy Annual Conference in the Gold Coast. One of theatrics and drama that hit all the senses. Our guests didn’t know what hit them! Mark brought great warmth to the Conference from the moment he touched down and we were very happy to see him mingling with our guests throughout the two days and fully immerse himself in the TAA experience just as he did with his keynote. An absolute pleasure to deal with in the lead up and throughout the conference. Was very respectful and a true gentleman. We look forward to following Mark’s journey to inspire others. Don’t hesitate booking Mark. Just do it!
Anthony Grima, COO, The All Stars Academy
141 I have found Mark to be an exceptional professional development trainer who has helped me develop my sales skills over the years. One quality that distinguishes Mark from other coaches is his expertise in adapting his programmes to particular themes and requirements. His training sessions are specifically designed to address the day-to-day challenges we encounter in our partnerships programme and sales processes, enabling us to put what we learn to use right away. I would strongly advise anyone wishing to grow as a sales person or looking to developing a highly efficient sales team to contact Mark. He has assisted me and my team in improving our effectiveness and gaining more success in our roles using his knowledge and personalised training approach.
Nick Hollows, Partnerships Director, Omni Hyper
140 A truly unique experience. Mark delivers a one of a kind presentation that combines a cinematic experience with powerful and meaningful content. Mark’s VALUE presentation delivered to our franchisees at our annual conference landed perfectly with all the room. Everyone was buzzing. Mark was super easy to deal with leading up to our conference. It was important our values and business pillars were integrated within his presentation to maximize the learning outcomes for our franchisees. He did this clearly and effectively without compromising the integrity of his own presentation. If you’re looking for a speaker who can connect, impact and inspire your team, look no further than Mark Carter.
Kelly Nikolakopoulous, CMO, All Stars Academy
139 I met Mark at a business mentor retreat early 2023, his approach to educating and passing on his life experience in such a way that you feel you were right there living them with him is remarkable! The energy and passion he brings to the room with his lessons is truly unique!
Alex Hill, Founder, Zanda Civil Construction
138 I went on a mindset retreat and Mark was a coach there. He speaks with such enthusiasm and is so engaging. He really takes time to absorb and listen to what people have to say and really gives everybody the time of day. His life experiences that he shares are so amazing and interesting and he shares such valuable material. I am reading his books (I have them both) and they are worth their weight in gold. Thanx so much mark for sharing so much value to everyone around you that hears you speak or reads you books. You do such a good job and make everything look so easy!! Looking forward to the next time!
Kerry-anne Fyffe, Owner, Eyelash Technician & Florist
137 We had the absolute pleasure of having Mark Carter as the Keynote speaker to kick off our National Franchisee convention last week, October 2022. I find it difficult when writing this to give justice to Mark’s presentation. It’s fair to say, you have never seen anything like it. His style is unique – so well prepared and delivered, timed to a constant video running in the background – no slides, no stop start, amazing. Mark met with us on a number of occasions to get a real understanding of the challenges we were wanting to address, and worked closely with our leadership team to leverage his insight to deliver a presentation that absolutely hit the mark. The feedback from our franchisees was so positive and it set the theme and tone for an event many say is the best we have ever run. Thanks Mark for all you help on this.
Matt Fitzpatrick, Brand Leader, Signarama, United Franchise Group
136 Mark delivered a bespoke Son et Lumiere keynote & Workshop at the United Franchise Group National Conference last week. When he started beating the drum, it brought everyone into the moment and kicked off the conference with a bang! The keynote centered around Culture, Traditions, and Candour in Communication, and was a dynamic and engaging journey for our franchisees to follow and learn from. Following the Keynote, Mark then guided the crowd through a workshop on Candour and the room was electric. This a clear indicator that this subject matter is necessary for any organization to gift their people. Thank you Mark for delivering this passionate session. Can not wait to see what you create next!
Rosie Chidiac-Canty, Brand Leader, Fully Promoted, United Franchise Group
135 Mark was the Headline Key Note at our recent National Conference. He was first up in the agenda and did not disappoint. The address and workshop set the tone for the whole three days. Our franchisees didn’t stop talking about the content all weekend. Many have sent wonderful notes and thanks after the day. The care and content Mark provides is world class. I cannot recommend him high enough it was amazing and will become part of our operating culture.
Timothy Smith, Managing Director, Starpoint Brands
134 This man is amazing. If you want the ‘best in the business’ to host your event/ conference then he’s right here. If you want a fantastic plenary speaker he’s right here. In terms of drive and energy he will add so much to your event.
Damien Opolski, Education Manager, NESA
133 After attending Marks book release for Ignite Your Potential, and having experienced the environment that he created, matched with the drive and the inspiration I left with, I have always looked forward to attending one of Marks keynote presentations. That is why when I was recently looking for a presenter, Mark was the only one I wanted! Let me share my experience. My brief was: - We want the presentation to be around the importance of relationships, the value of networking, and growth for building healthy businesses. - We want it to be engaging and inspiring. - We want people to be left with the feeling "sign me up for some of that!" I wanted people to have experience that I had, and the feeling I left with from his book launch. I explained in very minor detail what the organization is about and he just said, "Yes. Yes. Yes. I get what you are going for and know exactly what content will work for this." Then I told him "And we want it in a 20 minute slot???" Mark bespoke made a son et lumiere style presentation and when he ran me through it, I thought "How did he get that so absolutely spot on from my little brief!?" The visuals that he used, the way he conducted emotion through audio, his delivery, and the content that he used was flawless and not just perfect for what we were after, but spot on for our organization. What we got was beyond what anyone was expecting, beyond what I thought I briefed, and resulted in the exact outcome I was after. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Carter to anyone that is looking for a professional speaker to not just deliver a presentation for a desired outcome, but to absolutely blow you away! We will 100% be engaging Mark again in the future! Mark, THANK YOU!
Daniel Graham, Owner, Bespoke Health
132 We've all been at a supermarket looking at 30 products on shelf - each claiming to be better than the one. Sometimes, it pays to reach for that bottom shelf! Mark's commercial rate is simply underpriced - he has connected with our diverse range of valued clients and delivered to our audience an emotional experience you'd normally only get in a bigger stage production at 5x the price. It's hard to describe - but there's a special kind of velcro to Mark's ideas, which are simple to understand. After the presentation, we saw changes in the behavior, and minds in our audience. Mark's presentation remains a talking point, many months on.
Mike Mindstrong, Executive Retail Director, Retail Compliance
131 From my very first conversation with Mark, through to him delivering the keynote presentation at the FILEX Business Summit in May, Mark was an absolute pleasure and delight to deal with. In the lead up to the event he was easy to communicate with, very organised, friendly and always made sure we were always on the same page. On the day Mark went above and beyond. Not only was the keynote presentation a captivating experience from start to end, he was prompt, energetic, he created a custom giveaway for our audience and stayed around afterwards chatting to people and even offering to help out! I would highly recommend Mark as a keynote speaker for any event. Not just for the amazing experience your audience is sure to love, but for the pleasure of working with Mark, there are very few like him!
Clare Dawson, Event Manager, FILEX
130 Virtu invited Mark to deliver a keynote speech on Value with a focus on Sustainability at our Impact roadshow event. Mark delivered the keynote brilliantly and the guest feedback has been awesome. Mark also went above and beyond in guiding the attendees on a meditation session which everyone loved. Thanks Mark for everything!
Martin Kosasih, Founder, Virtu
129 Thank you Mark for another amazing presentation. The content was on the mark and your energy and enthusiasm brought it to life for all the team. The feedback has been phenomenal, in particular the modules on story telling. You have certainly opened the eyes of many of the participants. Looking forward to working further with you in the next stage of the development journey. Thanks again.
Goran Galic, National Manager Sales, Momentum Energy
128 What an inspirational speaker, Mark is brilliant and engaging. Mark spoke recently to our entire team, it was our first conference all together again after 2 years, it was important that we got the vibe right and get the opportunity to re-connect. Mark lead a very personal and memorable session that ignited great ideas about how we can add more value to our customer's experience. Your Add Value nursery rhyme is fast becoming a catch cry for the team. 'Dollars, percentage, numbers and time - Is the tangible value nursery rhyme, But the metrics that matter are yours, not mine!' Thanks, Mark
Gretl Puisens, Head of Business Development, Best Practice
127 We engaged Mark to deliver his ‘Add Value’ keynote at a recent event, and it was absolutely perfect. Engaging with Mark in the lead up to the event was a breeze, and the session he delivered set the perfect tone for the rest of the event, with many attendees commenting on how engaging, interesting, and inspiring Marks session was. Honestly can’t thank Mark enough for his professionalism, as well as his dynamic and thought-provoking keynote.
Laura Spalding, Business Manager, 10X Broker
126 Mark Carter took to stage in front of more than 320 executive delegates at EDGE and took us on a journey through the powers of adaptability, productivity, peak performance, culture, talent and sales… anything and everything to do with people. Mark Carter is an engaging, incredible storyteller and all round a memorable speaker. Mark has a very unique style in presenting, one that I am yet to come across, with no slides and no clicker, rather a cinematic and sensory experience to accompany such original thought leadership.
Amy Bergl, Event Director, Foundry - ARN - EDGE
125 What can I say about Mark. He is one of the most engaging, charismatic, inspiring presenter/coach that you could work with. I have known him for over 20 years and his passion, ability to engage audiences for a specific outcome, whilst bringing the audience along the way is, I believe, second to none. I can’t wait to work with Mark again soon.
Steve Traplin, CEO, Groupon
124 I have produced, recorded, edited and watched copious entertainers and educators. Mark Carter stands out. Marks energy, charisma, stage presence, crowd interaction and encyclopaedia of original content can only be matched by his cutting edge media. Having a passion myself in editing video, including live video switching and music accompanying keynote slides. I can say without hesitation. Marks stuff kicks butt. It is truely next level futuristic material. It’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible on stage to maximum client engagement. Mark has remained in my thoughts since I first saw him present. His professional side and his off stage social interaction are authentically him. A phenomenal human being with big heart and time for others. Mark’s training does not stop after the one mind blowing experience. If you need more and want to make the utmost development following up, then he offers a bespoke learning management program and quality written books to make real change to your career and life. If you are sick of the stale everyday speaker and need your employees to great some real value from your investment or theirs then Mark Carter will provide. The plethora of knowledge, the presentation abilities and the use of incredible visual media all make his brand the best in the scene right now.
Ryan Peters, Editor - Producer
123 Thank you for designing and delivering such an impactful sales mastery session. I appreciated the time you took to get to know our business, our needs and existing frameworks so you could incorporate it into your content. Your ability to listen earned trust from a group of highly experienced B2B consultative sales professionals. And your energy and focus on connecting the 'theory' to real life examples ensured that everyone stayed engaged and came away with tangible tools to accelerate performance.
Pauline Nolte, Head of Sales, Lee Hecht Harrison
122 We have recently worked with Marc as part of an Adecco Group virtual conference. The entire experience was fantastic from beginning to end. Early engagement with us to assess what was needed and ensure the style and content hit the mark (pun intended). The delivery approach was refreshing, entertaining and insightful. His keynote on leaderhip was delivered in a way that needs to be experienced to be understood, but suffice to say it is quantum leap from Powerpoint slides and giving his view of the world. The feedback we had from the session was excellent. In addition, Mark ran a breakout session for LHH to follow on from the keynote, this sesson was engaging, made great use of interactivity and made a tangible difference to the skill development of the team. I very much look forward to working with Mark again in the future.
James Mcilvena, Managing Director, Spring Professional
121 Mark exceptionally provides engaging development to our team each and every time. During COVID, Mark has facilitated several sessions from 100% virtual to 50/50 virtual/face-to-face split. I know I can trust Mark to deliver value regardless of the theme and we will contintue to work with Mark in the future. Thank you, Mark for being a valued partner of MIC.
Morgan Biggar, Head of Human Resources, Zembl
120 As someone who is relatively new to management I found Mark's training invaluable when it comes to understanding the difference between managing versus coaching. Gaining tools to support my team around goal setting and effective performance management/feedback ensures I am present for myself (and my goals) as well as my team. What I enjoyed most about the style of training is the emphasis on how to put into action what is covered in the seminars. Mark is extremely engaging and ensures everyone in the room has an opportunity to contribute.
Kayla Stephen, Sales Leader, Torrens University
119 Mark is amazing. His energy and his passion light up the room. I met Mark during training sessions organised by Mail Boxes Etc. If you go into a session with Mark without a pen and a paper you miss out. Mark deliver facts backed up by science not just cheap infomation sessions. Look forward to working with you again.
Sanjaya De Zoysa, Business Consultant
118 Over the past 4 years we have turned to Mark to assist our association in developing and delivering professional, bespoke sessions for our members and affiliates. In that time whether engaged as an MC, presenter, trainer or facilitator Mark has never failed to engage, challenge and hold the audience. Mark’s energy and style sees him Add Value to any session he is involved in.
Simone Staples, Events And Education Manager, ASTMA
117 Wow, what an amazing series with Mark. Energetic and informative. I didn’t think we could have 3 x 4 hour sessions via zoom and have 40+ people engaged- you did and the collective feedback was absolutely fantastic. Your preparation with us leading up to the conference, then the work during and the post conference support has been absolutely amazing. Thank you for a great conference and look forward to working with you again!
Tania Hall, VP Sales, Nearmap
116 We engaged Mark to facilitate an R U OK? Day event, and wow, did he deliver. Mark provided an engaging virtual session designed to inspire a growth mindset while valuing the mind, body, and spirit. Mark generously allowed our employees access to his online Academy to continue their development journeys. Mark’s energy and passion encouraged dynamic conversation, and we look forward to working with Mark again soon.
Mitchell Payne, Senior People Manager, Smile Direct Club
115 Easily one of the most engaging speakers I have worked with. You could feel the energy in the room despite it being a virtual environment. We gave a short brief as to what we were seeking and within moments, Mark had constructed a powerful and insightful session focusing on the value of mind, body and spirit, challenging us to step outside of our fixed mindsets. Mark tied the session back to our Company values and delivered a high energy, engaging and knowledgeable session that will certainly leave a lasting impact on our team members. Looking forward to diving into the Mark Carter Academy that Mark has kindly opened to our team as an added bonus. Until the next time Mark.
Donal McGoran, Chief People Officer, Smile Direct Club
114 I had the privilege of being coached and trained by Mark back in 2008. Mark is so talented at what he does and gave me a great first impression. Fast forward 13 years I contacted Mark as I needed a great Coach and Mentor to train a team of Course Advisors, Marketing Executives and Customer Service Agents. Mark excelled in the virtual space with high energy and his charismatic approach had everyone highly engaged. Since the training I have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the team. The training has been so effective that we are working on further training plans with Mark. I highly recommend Mark to any business thinking of re-igniting their staff potential.
Alex Boikov, Head of Domestic Student Recruitment, Torrens University
113 Mark hosted an interactive, captivating and highly energetic online Sales training session with Torrens University staff. We had 50 staff join and the feedback we’ve received from our team have been 10/10. Mark was able to weave our current sales process and methodology into his training seamlessly. Mark really understood our brief, delivered it well on the day and we’ve now implemented his value add and 5 triggers of value into our sales process. Thank you for a highly energetic and highly practical session.
Erika Noda, Learning & Development Lead, Torrens University
112 I met Mark in 2015 whilst working at Groupon. He gave me a great first impression as a facilitator and trainer, and certainly challenged me during the interactive group induction! Fast forward 5 years, with Mark coaching me in my leadership role at Xero. He is super engaging, genuine and a real pro helping me to embrace my personal style and capabilities. A friend of mine who I connected to Mark also sang his praises, and I feel confident recommending him to others.
Jasmine Butcher, People Experience Lead, Xero
111 Thanks Mark for an absolutely brilliant job over the past three days as MC, keynote speaker, and Awards MC for our first National Conference in 2 years! Delegates loved your high energy, thought provoking and practical advice. You’re ability to manage the complexities of our first hybrid conference and keep everyone engaged, along with the originality of your keynote messages, was the key to success of our Conference. Look forward to working with you again soon! Best wishes Sally
Sally Sinclair, CEO, NESA
110 My way of managing the sales process for Propel Ventures can be classified as BM and AM. Before Mark and After Mark. Admittedly I am a coming off a low base in terms of sales training, but his frameworks and hands-on workshop-style approach worked very well for me. I enjoyed it, I learned a lot and I put what Mark taught me into practice within hours of the session. My only regret was not engaging him earlier in my career.
Ben Ross, Co Founder, Propel Ventures
109 As a Founder effective sales is critical, however sales was a new skill to me and I was feeling out of my depth, The workshop training with Mark has helped me jump that chasm, providing a great set of models, tools and processes to be both more efficient and more effective in our sales process.
Paul Greenwall, Co Founder, Propel Ventures
108 MYOB engaged with Mark recently to train and coach our Demand Generation team in effective outbound call techniques and talk tracks. Our 2 day training course was filled with practical, effective sales generation tips/tricks that our team was able to successfully implement into our call flow. Mark’s training style is highly engaging, energetic and personable, making him a crowd favourite! Highly recommend! #valueadd
Shradha Somaia, Sales Leader, MYOB
107 Mark is an amazing leader in his space. Both one on one as well as team leadership and structure training, Mark has significantly assisted my development and team's development holistically which has resulted in growing relationships, quality outputs and overall health of the team. I can't recommend Mark high enough. His enthusiasm and energy he brings to people and business is amazing and I look forward to staying connected into the future.
George Leighton, Client Director, Digital Eagles
106 Mark is extremely talented at what his does. The depth of understanding of each individual in the room to specifically cater to their method of absorbing information is not something I often see. He is full of energy and an amazing presence to be around. Valuable content, genuine human being and an incredible teacher!
Aaron Rodrigo, Digital Marketing, Digital Eagles
105 One of the most engaging and confident speakers and mentors I've worked with! Mark's got a way of roping you in to his world of insights, client experience and ADDING VALUE. Mark's training and knowledge is the content you didn't know you needed. I cannot recommend Mark's expertise and mentor style enough - I'm really looking forward to working with him again in the future.
Sophiia Knights, Social Media Strategy, Omni Hyper
104 I have had the pleasure and have been lucky enough to have worked with Mark on several occasions. The contribution and value that he brought contributed to the continual growth of the businesses under my management. He is an engaging, thought-provoking master in his field, and I highly recommend him for any industry that requires guidance to shape foundations and for both leaders and staff.
Dejai Scott, General Manager, Omni Hyper
103 Wow, where do I start? Mark and my team had a number of meetings more than 3 months prior to the sessions to understand exactly where the business was at and what was needed in the delivery. From here Mark seamlessly built a bespoke programme specific for the audience. As a facilitator there is simply none better. For Mark to deliver the amount of content in his fabulous story telling style that he did while engaging every single person in the room. The feedback has been a flood of enthusiasm and positivity and a lot of actions have been already implemented in less than a week. We cannot wait to have him back!!
Neil Edgar, COO, Care Choice
102 Mark has been a fantastic mentor for my business. He was able to quickly convey his wealth of experience which allowed me to quickly improve my business processes and increase my capacity. I would highly recommend anyone to chat with Mark and see how he could assist your company.
Warren Dean, Founder, Data Tale
101 What can I say other than PERFECTION! Mark was engaging and inspiring right from the start! Talking through his experiences, knowledge, and passion in human behaviour Mark was so easy to work with, tailoring his session to deliver on the brief. If you are looking for a professional that will leave a lasting impact on you and your staff then look no further. I without a doubt recommend Mark.
Melissa Lewis, National Sales Manager, Moo Goo Skin Care
100 We engaged Mark to run a session for our partners on creating Value. We all want to create it but how do we go about this? Value is something that Mark is an expert in, and his passion for the subject shines through. He engaged our partners in an excellent session that was practical, entertaining and inspirational. Mark’s style embodies the art of storytelling and he is masterful at using great examples as well as practical models. I highly recommend Mark as a trainer, facilitator or keynote speaker.
Grant Cleary, Marketing & Partnerships, Red Hat
99 Mark delivered fantastic training for our staff on change, culture and customer service. The planning and bespoking of the training to our needs created an awesome learning experience for our staff and Mark's facilitation, delivery and engagement is second to none. Thanks Mark.
Andre Sammut, Training Manager, Care Choice
98 Digital Acceleration Summit is considered the most premium summit in Pakistan with senior leadership from the top 50 organizations in Pakistan. We are honored to have Mark Carter's virtual presence where he led the second-day formal opening, bringing the audience to an inspirational journey and understanding the importance of "value" in the Digital Landscape. We have received an overwhelming response from Audiences and Mark's presentation became the highlight of the summit. Due to its quite engaging style, the audience was connected throughout his presentation and with relevant content, the audience had a feeling of fulfillment. As an event company, this has also given us the confirmation that, if we get a good presenter/speaker, the medium is not so important whether it's virtual or physical. With the strong recommendation to Mark, we are excited to working together on future projects and would be looking forward to having you on-ground as soon as the Covid-19 gets to settle down.
Aly Ghazanfar, Summit Producer & Designer, AIM, Pakistan
97 Had the privilege of having Mark help our Demand Generation Team to improve, help, encourage and grow within our sphere. Mark was very informative, humorous and his delivery of the information was easy to follow, engaging and personal. Thanks again and all the best in the future!
TJ Van Der Horst, Account Manager, MYOB
96 Mark is amazing. His energy and his passion light up the room. I met Mark during training sessions organised by Mail Boxes Etc. If you go into a session with Mark without a pen and a paper you miss out. Mark deliver facts backed up by science not just cheap infomation sessions. Look forward to working with you again.
MBE Dandenong, MBE
95 Mark is one of a kind - his energy and enthusiasm whilst delivering on point content, virtually or in the real world is second to none. Mark recently delivered a virtual session to my team and everyone walked away feeling pumped and with lots of ideas on how they can Add more Value in their day to day roles and in their own lives. Thanks Mark - you're a legend,
Jaryd Wallis, VP Tech Talent Services, Akkodis
94 Mark is one of the best sales coaches with whom I've worked. Mark brings a level of energy, candour and real-time practicality to every single session he runs. At Receipt Bank, he became our external go-to sales coach. His energy is always high, and you can count on him to keep all of your team members engaged while Mark is leading a conversation. Mark is an absolute asset to any and all organisations looking for inspiration and coaching in anything sales-related. I look forward to working with Mark again in the future.
Luis Felipe Sanchez, CEO, Receipt Bank
93 Mark is an engaging and highly sought after speaker. He has a unique ability to captivate and motivate whilst providing thought provoking content, tailored to the audience. I would happily seek his services again and strongly recommend him to anyone looking to strengthen their company culture
Tim Grimshaw, Director of Learning & Development, Haileybury College
92 Whilst I've worked with Mark for many years, our most recent project was for Mark to deliver a Presentation Skills workshop to all managers in our business. This time around was a little different, as half were in Brisbane, Adelaide with Mark facilitating from Melbourne. The full-day training session ran extremely well, despite the distance, Mark is always on and maintained energy and connectivity across all sites for the entire day. Mark is always a safe bet when it comes to training sessions, facilitation, or keynote. Thanks again Mark you did an outstanding job and I look forward to working with you again in 2021.
Richard Austin, GM, CEO & Coach
91 Mark Carter was the most preferred choice for our recent virtual webinar at TAFE SA. He has the most natural, engaging and entertaining presentation and speaking style. We had an amazing turnout, much more than we had expected and the audience was cheering for more! One thing that 2020 has taught us is “dynamic change”. Mark is so comfortable managing virtual audience with his amazing audio, visual aids. I personally loved his expertise, energy, his content, his excitement and the tremendous experience he has managing virtual audience! Loved the session! Thank you Mark for being so wonderful!
Rhabia Dhody, Strategic People Leader, Dept of Trade And Investment
90 I first discovered Mark Carter’s work through his first book ‘Ignite your potential’ and soon became my ‘go to’ book for both my personal and professional life. I even started to refer to it as my bible. I would use it to direct me back on track and inspire me when I needed a push both personally and professionally. I then sat several of his work shops and booked him for a day workshop for the hotel I was working with and he completely turned around our workplace culture, a huge success. It was then I purchased his second book ‘Add Value’ and it changed my perspective and mindset about what I wanted and what I’ll hold value to both personally and professionally. I recently joined Marks Academy during my downtime of Covid19 to prepare for the next role in my career. I am currently focusing on Coaching, Presentation skills, sales skills, and leadership. I am doing these workshops one on one and Mark keeps it exciting, informative, and inspiring and makes it relevant to my field of hospitality. I recommend Joining Mark’s academy and signing up for one on one or group workshops as its personable and mark will allow it to work in with your circumstance and work at your own pace during these times of Covid19. If you have any further questions about my experience with the Academy, please feel free to Direct message me.
Ryan McGrath, Cochin Restaurant
89 You tend to get two types of MC's/Speakers at conferences: 1) those who seek the limelight, and only talk about what others have done; and 2) those who make it happen and are quietly in the background getting results. Having worked with Mark, across 3 or 4 different events, he is definitely the kind of keynote speaker/master of ceremonies who brings amazing substance to an event and who makes it happen. I am always impressed with Mark's ability to speak and connect with everyone in the room, the way in which he shares his experiences, aligns it to how we learn, and all importantly how he helps the audience to understand how to apply the learning to both to our business environments and our personal worlds. Mark brings value and adds value, every time he steps on stage or engages with people in a learning environment.
Garry Gray, Head of Ecosystems, Red Hat
88 I had the pleasure of working with Mark on developing a customised sales methodology for the MYOB Enterprise Reseller channel. Mark was extremely diligent in performing current state analysis of sales methods and techniques and blended that exceptionally well with the Challenger Methodology. Where he really shone was the energetic and highly effective way that he delivered 2 consecutive days of sales training over zoom. The best testimonial to this was from one of the attendees who admitted he'd been dreading the online training but the training that Mark delivered was incredibly engaging and the time flew by which completely changed his perspective on what was possible. Overall I am very fortunate to have been able to have Mark on this project and came to know him as a true professional and master of his subject area and craft.
Adrian Wong, COO, Propel Ventures
87 We met first time as a network Mark in Sydney some years ago when we were looking for a keynote speaker for our APR Regional Meeting and we had a session with him about the myth of multi-tasking! The presentation was received with flying colours from our members and loved the interactivity of it! This year, facing the adversities that Covid-10 placed upon us with not being able to travel and hold our Regional meetings live, we had to reinvent them and go virtual! That meant for us investing on valuable speakers that would actually contribute midst with all that our members are facing! So for our Summer Summit, which is the Regional Meeting of EMEA, we actually invited Mark to talk about "Adopting Adaptability"...what could be of better value for them? We e-connected and attended a session that indeed added value to our mindset! Distributing it to their teams afterwards, had my inbox receiving quite some satisfying emails!  Thank you Mark, you made the preliminary work and the actual attendance, although virtual, an amazing experience! 😎 Never stop...adding value!
Renata Papdimitriou, Event Specialist, RP Corp
86 Mark has been absolutely fantastic deliverying training to us as well as to our key enterprise business partners. Mark is full of energy and constantly keeps everyone involved throughout the 2 day training. The workshops were excellent and the content and stories that Mark provided have really resonated with us all. Thank you Mark!
Steve Victor, Sales Leader, MYOB
85 Mark is a dynamic and energetic speaker and is able to bring all participants along the journey with some amazing insights.
Sara Pantaleo, Owner, Hospitality
84 I've had the pleasure of working with Mark since 2012 when he joined Groupon as Head of Training & Learning Development for staff at all levels across Australia and New Zealand. Mark combines his 30 years of international practical experience, vast knowledge and insights of human behavioural sciences and his infectious energy to deliver authentic personal and team development experiences. He is always ahead of the curve in producing cutting edge content across live keynote, virtual live, digital, webinar, publishing and remote learning. His tailored and collaborative programs are designed with purpose, direction and issue certificates of completion to high standards, backed up by access to his exclusive online academy. If you're looking for a high impact professional, a best practice specialist in his field, then look no further than engaging the services of Mark. If you're looking to re-engage your workforce through culture and invest in the long term development of your team to achieve improved performance in your business, Mark is perfectly positioned to produce results being a true master of his craft.
Shaun McMeeken, Head of Sales, Groupon
83 Mark ran a workshop on customer discovery for our entrepreneurship students at Macquarie Business School. It was fun, engaging and insightful. Mark has an excellent command of the online environment and despite the physical distance he created a social closeness. Anyone managing people in an online environment would benefit from Mark’s insights. Creating that social closeness is now more important than ever.
Erik Lundmark, Associate Professor, Macquarie University
82 I have had the pleasure of having Mark as a client several times throughout my career at different organisations. The latest training session he provided centered around management, leadership, and emotional intelligence - he is extremely engaging and is able to run a daylong session with people wanting more! Mark definitely knows his stuff. The overall feedback from all our participants has always been extremely positive and I have no hesitations in recommending him.
Jessica Rossi, Head of HR, Gough Recruitment

Mark Carter spoke today at our Leishman conference. He was bloody fantastic. Everyone related to him … he’s very personable, a wealth of knowledge and information. I’d give him a 10/10. We loved him. Great graphics, sensational presentation style, easy to listen to, great content, funny, interesting, gave us some giveaways – all personalized, which everyone loved, and is going to open up more online content to us. He also has an app – which is very smart. Mark is suitable for any team building / sales training / behaviour / cultural awareness session. Very talented speaker. He gets a big tick from me, and I encourage you to promote him to your clients. He is suitable for any corporate, association.

Paula Leishman, Director, Leishman Associates
80 My team had the pleasure of having Mark as our guest speaker at a recent lending development day. Mark presents extremely well and shows an abundance of energy. Mark took the team on a journey on how to ignite their potential through using the correct mentality, mindset and behaviours. The team and myself loved his presentation and raved about it for weeks after. If you're looking for a speaker for your next event look no further.
John Pielich, Regional General Manager, Westpac
79 Mark has been working with Receipt Bank for years now and has essentially become a defacto colleague in our organisation. The content he delivers is always insightful, simple to grasp and easy to implement. However, the best part is its delivered by Mark with energy & generosity!
Jack Blayney, Sales Leader, Receipt Bank
78 Mark was the final speaker at our 3-day conference in Perth. The energy he provided was electric and he captured everyone in the room. His content and messaging will enable everyone to take something away to implement in their business. Thank you from the team @ MoneyQuest
Julian Mattatia, Brand Leader, Money Quest
77 Mark really has a knack for keeping an audidence engaged. He is a fantastic story teller, with so many great experiences that he brings to life during his talks. I have seem him speak at least 5 times now, a couple of those after some long nights and longer days, and he still delivered his presentations with full energy. I asked him about this after one where he would have had every right to do a particular presentation sitting down in an arm chair (it really had been a big weekend!), and he said something along the lines of "You can be tired after and before a talk, but as soon as you get on that stage, you give it 100%. People deserve to see it at its best and that's what they are going to get". That sort of mentality is only one of the reasons why Mark is a brilliant resource for motivation and culture development.
Steven Morris, Founder, The Darq Room
76 Mark Carter is an amazing and energetic keynote speaker who really cares about his audience. A true professional who will align his message to your business strategies to change behaviour. I rank him as one of our best strategic facilitators for our network.
Graeme Hyde, Network Chief, LJ Hooker
75 Mark ran two workshops for our business at Commonwealth Bank, focusing on igniting our potential as a team. His passion to help others and powerful presenting skills are amazing to watch. He’s absolutely one of the best presenters I’ve worked with. Our team left energised, inspired and passionate to make change.
Elyse Bakunowicz, Digital Squad Lead, CBA
74 I have had the pleasure of working alongside Mark at a number of Innovation Crowd events, including TEDx, Start-up Bootcamp and a range of entrepreneur community training evenings. At each of these events he has showcased his unique ability to tap in on an expansive toolkit of topics and discussions to provide bespoke content that is both engaging and inspiring. Through storytelling and contextual references, he brings a level of energy and contagious enthusiasm that is often missing with other seasoned presenters, and his ability to read a crowd and succinctly articulate ideas into bite sized chunks of wisdom, allows audiences to join him on an exciting journey of learning and development. As an event organiser, he has made our job so much easier and he has always gone above and beyond all expectation to help us achieve our goals. I look forward to working more closely with him in the future!
Chris Hall, Economic Development & Innovation, City of Casey
73 I've had the pleasure now of listening to Mark speak at 2 of our annual conferences. Each time I’ve come away captivated & wanting more. He has a great way of telling an exciting & compelling story of his real-life experiences that connect with his audience. In addition, the humour and energy he brings to his presentation is a must see. Very much look forward to seeing Mark live again soon.
Lauri Ricci, Owner, MBE Franchise
72 Mark is true inspiration to any individual that is fortunate to hear him speak or gets to read his book. He is one that gives true care and understanding for the individuals that runs their business, gives expert advice to help those attain an affluent work environment and life, and makes it fun and entertaining to be apart of. The mysteries are unveiled and only wish all could see Mark live.
Alistair Percy, Board Member, Mail Boxes Etc
71 Mark was an excellent communicator in the lead up to and at the event. He has gone above and beyond providing tips and resources for our audience, and was a fantastic and engaging presenter on the day. I would welcome every opportunity to work with Mark again in future! 
Elizabeth Peare, Event Manager, ACSA
70 Ignite Human Potential with Mark Carter was such an incredible workshop. We focused on a compilation of practical presentation tips and program themes; from voice influences and body language to how we build and structure a presentation. A significant part of the two-day session was mastering the art of storytelling using metaphors and learning how to engage an audience using archetypal themes, creativity and sensory engagement. A few key takeaways the team found most valuable: · The power of authenticity and being genuine · The importance of self awareness; harnessing strengths and overcoming weaknesses · The value of storytelling · Building relationships and bonding with co-workers Have been fortunate enough to work with Mark Carter multiple times over the past 10 years & his sessions are always inspiring, motivating and most importantly relevant to each member of the Skip team. We were able to take pieces of information most relevant to our role and apply them in all areas of communication. I would highly recommend a session for any business!
Bill Bizos, CEO, Skip
69 I have worked with Mark for just over 2 years now on a number of collaborations including his sales and leadership training programs and also as a host for our Corporate Events here at Eventpod. The most impressive thing about Mark is the passion and energy he brings and also the professionalism of thoroughly researching for each particular occasion. Recently he was the MC for our Archibald Prize event in Sydney which involved interviewing an inexperienced prize winning artist. His ability to put them at ease and guide the conversation to make it an entertaining and engaging for our clients is a rare talent which is why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mark for any corporate function or event. He also happens to be a really nice and genuine guy and we will certainly be utilising his services again in the near future.
Adam King, Director, Eventpod
68 Mark Carter is a master storyteller and understands the value of a story to create connections and inspire people. The Equip 2019 participants were captivated by Mark’s insightful approach to change, adaptability and neuroscience. His energy is infectious and his closing remarks simple and powerful…’No matter what happens in your world – you don’t get to control it – the only thing you can control is your response. Calmness is power’.
Maria Mournehis, L&D Manager, QBE Insurance
67 QBE are very thankful to have Mark at the launch of our Equip program 2019. Mark injects a huge amount of positive energy and showed genuine interest to help elevate our brokers. Our program themes were to harness strengths, adaptability and resilience, which you were able to tie your experience and expertise. Your ability to connect with the audience is second to none!
Natalie Bolzon, Marketing Strategy, QBE Insurance
66 Mark was a guest speaker/presenter/coach at a recent Boot camp for start up businesses I was at. I found him engaging and inclusive. Real and with a great ability to get the message across through stories. I would highly recommend him for small to large gatherings as he has the ability to engage every body.
Rohan Burgess, Director, Capital Financing
65 Mark helped us conduct quite a few training sessions in Q3/Q4 2019 including Sales training as well as Interview Skills training. Mark’s execution of the content is always on point. Mark is a very effective communicator and always manages to maintain a high level of engagement across the floor. He’s an effective listener and is always asking questions and sharing ideas during the initial course discussions/briefings so that he has a clear understanding of the business’s needs and its challenges. Thank you for your efforts Mark - Look forward to more successful trainings in the future! All the best!
Kanika Sharma, Head of People And Culture, Receipt Bank
64 Mark was referred to me by several staff who had worked with him before at other companies. My overall frustration was staff training in general, how all the training on the open market was boring, was not personalised for our business or my staff’s personal circumstances for growth. Mark took the time to talk to my staff before providing a customised proposal that would solve our problems. Mark has now introduced both Rocket & Orbit to our company and we are starting to see awesome results. Mark is fun, energetic and empathetic, showing a real passion for our business and staff, encouraging them to grow, take ownership and implement various techniques that are really specific to them as individuals and their roles. After the first day alone, one comment made to me was “if this was all the training we received for the rest of the year, this is better than all the training we had last year combined”. We are continuing to roll out Rocket and Orbit plus implementing further ideas. We will continue to work with Mark in the future and can not recommend him more for your business and team. Thanks Mark!
Michael McDonald, Founder, Director, Omni Hyper
63 Mark was simply an overwhelming hit, the sessions Mark held at our business conference were inspiring, fun and full of valuable lessons that applied to each and every one of the attendees. His use of storytelling provided an illustration for us to understand the complex ideas he was presenting in a humorous and relatable manner.
Kaitlyn Gledhill, Nutritionist, Moondance Equastrian
62 Adstream has been working with Mark and the team now for many years. I see Mark as an extension of our business in particular the sales and marketing area. Mark has helped us take the business to a new level, with an improvement in customer engagement, new business growth and staff retention. Mark is highly recommended and his book Ignite Your Potential is a must read!
Georgie Charlish, Executive General Manager, Adstream
61 fully recommend Mark as a professional mentor, speaker and trainer. His genuine, kind and straight to the point persona elevates Mark as one of the true, great trainers that I have met to this day. His belief in his training and what he has to offer, makes him a must have in your business. I first heard of Mark at a corporate conference and have since implemented him in my office, as well as building a great friendship with him - to the point of having him to stay at my house on numerous occasions. He is a great business mind, a great friend and a must have for your business! Mark truly gets the best out of people.
Peter Florentzos, Franchise Owner, LJ Hooker
60 Mark is a charismatic, inspiring, and high energy facilitator. I highly recommend Mark as an expert in igniting potential!
Moneka Davoud, Operational Head, GMHBA Insurance
59 At Make it Cheaper we have used Mark's services for two consecutive years , firstly to support us with a new product launch, and then to celebrate it's first year anniversary - as a result of his great work I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services. In Oct 2017, the keynote Mark delivered at our product launch, combined with his incredibly powerful "arrow activity" totally captivated our (primarily) millennial audience and ensured everyone was talking about the event for weeks to come. It was exactly the "big splash" event we were hoping for! As a result, we decided to engage his services again in October 2018, to help us celebrate the product anniversary; however I will confess to some level of trepidation in terms of how he would be able to top last year's session. Needless to say, he delivered in spades!  On a very warm Sydney spring day (in a room with minimal AC!) he effortlessly kept up the energy levels of over 100 people with 4 fantastic practical exercises in under an hour. He completely nailed the brief we provided; guaranteed everyone got involved and had fun; and most importantly, ensured all participants left the room feeling they'd learned something meaningful and powerful about themselves. From the outset, Mark demonstrated an ability to develop deep understanding of our culture in a very short time frame, and thereby ensured our Values were effortlessly and seamlessly interwoven into all elements of both presentations.  I sincerely hope to work with Mark again in the future, and I recommend his services without hesitation.
Ruth Hamilton, Chief People Officer , Make It Cheaper
58 We had the pleasure of engaging Mark to deliver a Leadership presentation to a group of 30+ attendees at our recent Leadership Development Program. Mark’s ability to tailor content, deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation to the attendees, combined with an energetic approach to everything he does, resulted in the ideal session delivered to our future leaders. Not only is the material informative, useful and on brief, but Mark was also proactive in offering ideas and suggestions to content that enabled the session to far exceed our requirements. Mark’s style is not only passionate and energetic, but importantly allows for flexibility in delivery when the team were actively participating in absorbing topics, and Mark was able to facilitate continued discussion and bring out far more conversation, ideas and key learnings from the group where he saw opportunities. It’s because of this sort of outcome, and the glowing feedback on Mark’s presentation from the attendees, that we will continue to work with Mark at every opportunity into the future
Mark Unwin, CEO, Australian Sports Turf Management Association
57 Mark is a highly accomplished and enthusiastic presenter who delivers his message with innovation and high energy. Choosing a speaker to end any conference is, by its nature, reasonably risky. Mark & I spent an hour and half together, with me setting the scene for the conference. By the end of this planning session I was already highly enthused, totally motivated and 100% confident that Mark would deliver and support the theme of the conference. Mark has good business acumen, understand concepts & audiences quickly and showed a genuine interest in understanding my objectives. The feedback from my team on his session at our AGM was the most positive ever and he also provided additional value beyond the initial presentation. I would highly recommend anyone to chat with Mark and see how he could assist you company.
Paul Rogers, General Manager, Camera House
56 When i first met Mark, by chance he had a spare copy of his book on him which he gave me too. The book was enlightening and made me question my actions with the world around me. One of my most significant realizations when reading the book was the lack of appreciation i showed to my mother, something i wish i realized earlier. The books original and powerful stories are thought provoking, resonating well with anyone looking to achieve a greater level of success. The One-on-one coaching sessions Mark and i engage in have been my biggest asset. Discussing topics from productivity to public speaking, as evidence of my success with Mark I received 100% on my presentation at University. These coaching sessions provide me with invaluable knowledge and skills, helping me to achieve my future goals. Mark is the real deal, his originality and charismatic personality have fueled not only his success but mine too. I look forward to continuing my journey with Mark and i hope you guys do to.
Aaron Scholz, Analyst, Pinterest
55 I couldn't recommend Mark Carter enough. I met him and everything he said was exactly what I needed, I read his book and made the decision to engage him and invest in my team; so I could give them the same growth experience I have been working on. I did a Trimetrix which was eye-opening, and with his tools and direction/ helping me untangle my stuff I am actually the most awesome version of myself I've ever been. And in this year I've lost 20KG, and I'm handling all the potholes in my personal and business life far better than past me did. There's no magic in life, but I'm feeling pretty magical about myself; sign up, read the book, do the trimetrix and actually use the tools and put them in action; and I think you could be magic too. Thanks MC.
Ellie Read, Owner, Optus Warnambool
54 Recently we engaged with Mark Carter to conduct several training sessions with the sale team at Receipt-bank, we can't thank Mark enough for sharing his wealth of knowledge, the team absolutely loved his presence and we look forward seeing Mark again in the office.
Mark Alexander, Senior Manager Corporate Sales, Receipt Bank
53 What a pleasure it is to work with Mark. I first met Mark through a business club and utilised Marks services for my own self development. After several months of consistent growth in my organisation due to what Mark had instilled into myself it come to me that if I get Mark to train my team it should pay off even further. Well it did, and in a big way. Our team learnt that we are different to one another, we started to understand our individual strengths and weaknesses and how to put things in place to really work as a team. Our sales conversions went form 30 percent conversions rates to 70 percent conversion rates. Our culture was always great but now it is unbelievably excellent and our team love coming to work every day. And to back up Marks Bespoke approach to the Damoli Group we have access it his online academy which is a world of knowledge that Mark has worked endlessly on to further assist his clients. We direct our team there once a week for one hour training sessions and we are noticing improvements each day. I encourage anyone looking for a mentor, business coach, training consultant to speak to Mark, you will see results. Well done Mark and thank you for everything you have done and will do for our team.
Daniel Bykersma, Founder, Damoli Forklifts
52 Professional, inspiring and an absolute pleasure to work with. Our attendees got so much out of our session.
Bronwyn Wilson, Conference Manager, Gartner
51 The support, processes and strategies that you have provided the Digital Eagles team have been invaluable. You have been able to strike the perfect blend between live learning and online learning. I have seen a huge shift in our team engagement and performance since we commenced the program, with you. The MC Academy has been a critical part of our success. Having access to an almost limitless amount of relevant, but bite sized chunks of content ensure the team can learn in their own time.
Ryan Jenkins, Co Founder, The Hype Society
50 We recently engaged Mark to add content to our Sales Training event for all the ANZ Jacobsen dealers. Mark was able to re focus and motivate our sales teams with a targeted program. Feedback from our teams has been positive and the sales staff are excited about implementing the tools Mark has provided to lift sales and provide exceptional service. I have personally been involved in two sessions with Mark and would highly recommend Mark as a motivator, coach and mentor.
Dean Scullion, Area Sales Manager, Jacobsen
49 I had the great pleasure of getting stuck at the airport with Mark before he spoke at our national conference. Of the dozens (if not hundreds) of people I've met in Mark's sphere of chosen profession (from personal/professional development to... shudder... motivational speakers & life coaches) he's by far the most engaging and knowledgeable. Both on a personal and professional level, Mark is an inspiration.
Christopher Ryder, Owner, MBE Franchise
48 I had the pleasure on being coached by the wonderful MC during our time together at Groupon. I was always in awe of Mark’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Mark is tenacious, hard working, and an amazing coach and I have been very privileged to learn many skills that I’ve been able to adapt into my professional life. Mark is a wonderful friend to me and made work so enjoyable. His book is an example of the dedicated individual he is and I highly recommend reading it. He would be an asset to any future employer and I’d be the first to recommend him to yours!
Katrina Bryce, BDM, Groupon
47 Mark presented as key note speaker at our annual conference with the local tourism industry. From the moment we engaged Mark he worked with us in the lead up to the event to develop a customised one hour presentation for our delegates that provided them with business and personal tips. His delivery style is clear, precise, entertaining and uplifting. Mark delivered far above just his presentation including business mentoring a range of videos for us to share.
Kim Storey, General Manager, Destination Philip Island Regional Tourist Board
46 Mark gave a phenomenal seminar here in Cessnock for our businesses and tailored the content to enable us to showcase some of our top performing small businesses. Mark was generous with the toolkits for our businesses and gave extra time to ensure the content really nailed it. A fantastic speaker. Highly recommended.
Rhiannon Parr, Manager People And Business, Hunter Valley - Cessnock Business
45 I have just returned from our Member's Conference on the Gold Coast - where we had the pleasure of Mark presenting to 65+ Jewellery Retail store owners from across Australia. I have hosted 37 conferences so far for this group over the past 11 years and Mark's presentation was as good as it gets. Not only is Mark's presentation style high energy & infectious, it is intelligent and well researched. Mark and I had a good dicussion prior to his Keynote & he delivered on brief 110% and we could not have been happier. Mark talked for us on the Value Proposation the Customer Journey and touched on Digital as requested & every single delegate left raving about Mark's presentation. I could not recommend him more highly & will definitelty engage him in the future. Thanks Again Mark - you killed it for us!!!!!!!!
Joshua Zarb, CEO, Independant Jewelry Collective
44 We had the pleasure of Mark at our National Conference for MBE Australia in the Barossa Valley, Adelaide this past weekend. The feedback we received from our franchisees was 100% positive. Mark was a breath of fresh air who was able to bring the whole network to their feet. The information we all received on sales, marketing, customer retention and much more was invaluable. The positive effect will be felt for many months and we look forward to working with Mark ongoing to help take MBE Australia to the next level.
Clayton Treloar, CEO, Mail Boxes Etc
43 Mark has fantastic energy and connects well with his audience. He shares ideas and stories in a way that really gets people thinking and compels them to take action. If you’re goal is to help your company or organization take it to the next level and beyond, I highly recommend Mark Carter as a inspirational speaker.
Bart Kotter, Global Business Leader, ASEA
42 We were privileged at SunDoctors to engage Mark for our inaugural Practice Mangers conference in September. The participants were both highly engaged and inspired by Marks presentation skills and his ability to connect with each individual. Mark created those "light Bulb " moments for a large number of our team which has positively impacted our business and the way our staff view their roles and contribution. His enthusiasm and energy can only be described as infectious. I look forward to further engagement with Mark in the future.
Joanne Stewart, Business Manager, Sun Doctors
41 As the CEO of E-LEAD Global, It was an absolute pleasure for me to engage Mark Carter as a facilitator to run a workshop on leadership as part of the inaugural E-LEAD Vision leadership and career development program. I say this with an absolute level of confidence that Mark is one of the most influential, energetic and eloquent speakers I ever met. His facilitation style is extremely engaging and completely meaningful. The feedback from all participants was also very positive as they found his session to be highly useful. I have no hesitate to recommend Mark to other organisations and look forward to building further collaboration with him.
Shahid Majeed, CEO, E-Lead
40 Mark is exceptional. I recommend him to any organisation or individual challenged by changed and seeking practical and accessible support. More than just a highly engaging and motivational speaker, he is able to tailor his practical experience to the audience to connect at their level. He delivers more than expected. He demonstrated to our organisation an ability to understand our current state and translate observations and insights into easy to understand and practical methods and tools that will be leveraged on a day to day basis as we tackle our change agenda. Many light bulb moments that will have a lasting positive impact on our team.
Grant Charles Stewart, CEO, Blueys Construction
39 Mark had a huge impact in my success within Groupon and I feel fortunate to have worked, learnt, be mentored and now have a close friendship with him. It wasn't just the knowledge, experience and training he provided for me and the sales team, but what made it a joy and ensured I always took something out of his sessions was the content always being on point as well as his delivery and execution - always full of energy, engaging and having the room involved and participating. I would highly recommend Mark to any individual or business who wants to make improvements to their sales team.
Argisht Sarzikians, Head of Sales, Groupon
38 Marks approach to coaching, mentoring and leadership development is one of candor, professionalism and at the same time highly practical. Marks collaborative style is outcome driven and the flexibility he shows in terms of content and delivery is second to none. Over the last 2 years he has helped drive me and my teams through some incredibly tough periods and we have always come out better, both personally and professionally!
Nick Ognovski, Head of Sales, Groupon
37 Mark's energy and passion is contagious and his presentation style captures your attention entirely! He is a genuine and captivating man that inspires and motivates you to be a better person both professionally and personally. Mark's Sales Training is one you have never experienced before - fun, energetic, dynamic, engaging, and addictive. Mark has the rare and unique ability to seamlessly transition any principe into a simple visual concept that you instantly connect with and can walk away and implement immediately into your role to improve your skills. He provides you with the interactive tool box for success.
Vanessa Laface, BDM Travel, Groupon
36 Mark Carter or MC as he is fondly known is an absolute breath of fresh air when it comes keynote speakers. Mark's unique style and kind nature really shines through in his presentations, he is a truly engaging speaker and an all around nice guy! The advice Mark has offered me has also helped me take my goals to the next level. I can't recommend MC highly enough.
Emily Jane Mcgraw, Operations Manager, LJ Hooker, Nerang
35 TravelManagers has been fortunate to have worked with Mark over the past 2 years. We have engaged Mark to speak all around Australia at our state meetings about the principles of demonstrating value which is critical for the day in the life of a personal travel manager who lives and breaths by what they offer their customer. He was received with the big thumbs up and our network are professionals so takes a lot to impress them. Since Mark has facilitated coaching sessions with our Business Partnership Team who work very closely with our network to help them become better business coaches and the results have been fantastic. Mark has also been a great mentor for me and has an energy and passion which is genuine and rare to find in this day and age.
Michael Gazal, Executive General Manager, Travel Managers
34 When I think of Mark "MC" Carter, the first word that springs to mind is "Authenticity." What you see is what you get with MC without any filters. I believe this trait to be extremely important and sets MC apart. He is one of the best sales training facilitators that I have come across. Through his own unique style of delivering content, he brings about a high level of engagement amongst participants. He challenges individuals to stretch themselves but is genuinely interested in seeing them continually improve. MC delivers his content with passion and energy combining best practices in sales with behavioural insight to tremendously add value. What distinguishes MC apart from anyone else is the fact that he is approachable, personable and is deeply interested in getting the best out of you. These characteristics coupled with the mastery he has in the delivery of his content make MC an asset to any organisation he is a part of. He comes to each session prepared and tailors content specifically to his audience. I highly recommend MC as a sales trainer, presenter, personal development specialist or executive coach to businesses and individuals alike. The energy and positivity he brings will be contagious. Professionally, I have enjoyed my interactions with MC and believe his high performance sales training framework has positively impacted my role. On a personal note, I have found MC to have many interesting and worldly insights, act with integrity but also consider him a friend. Keep being inspirational MC - 'onwards & upwards!'
Navneet Ganesh, BDM Key Accounts, Groupon
33 From the first moment I met Mark(MC) his energy filled the entire room. His passion and enthusiasm is remarkable. I love the way he uses a lifetime of intriguing stories and worldly experiences to help embed a message in your mind. Mark makes training and development fun and exciting. Every minute with MC is invaluable for your personal and professional life. Truly one of a kind...
Kieran Habojan, BDM, Groupon
32 Marks' training does exactly what it says on the tin, it ignites human potential you never thought you had. He delivers it with a highly infectious energy that keeps you engaged and excited. The energy and passion of this guy is something I have never witnessed before and his delivery is immense. Would highly recommend as a key note motivational singer or a sales trainer, he ain't to bad of a dancer either !
Eoin Hall, BDM, Group
31 Mark is an energetic and captivating sales trainer who possesses the unique ability to command the group’s attention collectively whilst engaging with you on an individual level. The on-boarding process is an essential period of time for a sales individual and Mark provides all of the essential product knowledge, theoretical proficiency, and motivational impetus to help you hit the ground running.
Jake Buckley, BDM, Groupon
30 I have known Mark for quite a few years now after working with him at Contiki in Europe. On a number of occasions we recognized Marks ability to relate to all levels of people by employing his many talents to train our new Tour Managers how to run tours throughout Europe on 8 week intense Training Trips. Marks engaging personality and approachability were an asset in ensuring trainees were able to make the most of his knowledge and expertise. He trained them in all aspects of the position: organization, administration, history etc but most importantly he trained them to deal with real people and their very real expectations. Mark has the habit of approaching all things in life with great gusto. His natural energy and enthusiasm makes people want to sit up, take notice and be a part of whatever insight Mark is delivering.
Jo Wilkinson-Way, Operations Manager, Contiki
29 I had the pleasure of Mark as an executive mentor whilst moving from an Operational background and into our Sales environment. Mark’s depth of knowledge surrounding value added sales processes, leadership and behavioural tools played a critical role during my transition. Mark has an engaging, high energy personality and speaks with a contagious enthusiasm for the subject matter he teaches. During our conversations, Mark was able to easily distil the underlying themes and barriers to my own, and my team’s success, simply from listening to my choice of language. Mark helped me clearly articulate those themes and provided simple, but incredibly effective, tools that allowed me to develop a high performance culture within our sales team. My own professional development has come leaps and bounds simply from being exposed to Mark, and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a sales and leadership orientated business coach.
Mike Stein, Executive General Manager, Sales & Distribution, Covermore
28 Those who lead inspire us - enter Mark Carter. I had the pleasure of working with Mark for over a year while he was consulting to our business, working collaboratively to develop and implement a dynamic sales process and methodology. Mark's ability to engage an audience is intriguing and effortless. His holistic approach feels personal on all the right levels. Mark will challenge your mindset - like walking through a steel tipped arrow placed on your throat! Whether it be team or individual development, Mark earns my highest recommendation.
Nathan Bouquet, Event Management, Eventpod
27 Mark is an accomplished leader with a track record of building values and leveraging strong industry acumen. He offers a commendable career as a training director by harmonizing global teams while providing a rock-solid foundation and focal point for leading initiatives, blending diplomacy and effective decision making excellence. He is an expert in assembling high-performance teams while providing leadership and guidance that meets synergy and cohesive success.
Joyce Lee, Director Medical Communications & Scientific Training
26 Inspirational is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mark Carter. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mark in a business capacity for over a decade during which I have seen him coach and mentor executives at all levels both one on one and group forums, present, lead and inspire sales executives at small to large conferences present to a large audience. A nationally recognized career expert, Mark speaks regularly to corporations. Above all, I was impressed with Mark’s ability to adapt himself to cater to different personalities. His coaching has had a direct positive impact on sales and revenue as well as personal and professional development. And, of course, his genuine regard and passion for what he does distinguishes him from others. Mark would be a true asset for any organization.
Chirag Bhojani, Global Recruitment Team Lead, Sensis - Telstra
25 I have worked with Mark across various projects both within and outside of Sensis. I have always found Mark to have amazing energy which brings a certain presence into any room he enters. Mark presents his seminars and training sessions in the utmost engaging manner which clearly portrays his passion, knowledge and experience. Collaborating with Mark on both corporate and personal projects has always been such a pleasure, especially due to his impact on the success of these projects, and I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking to get results!
Nandita Graham, Global Head of Marketing
24 Mark and I work together at Groupon ANZ. I serve as an Internal Sales Manager, coaching and developing Sales Reps to hit their revenue targets and grow as professionals. Every new talent acquisition undergoes an extensive product, ethics and sales framework training boot-camp led by, designed and delivered by Mark. Mark has an enormous impact on whether or not these new hires will succeed and shapes them for our culture and company direction. Mark molds our organisation from the ground up by delivering the new talents first impression of the organization, introducing and educating them to our value proposition and message to market, and coordinates their exposure to every department throughout sales and operations. Mark and I collaborate to make sure that this training foundation is built upon throughout every individuals tenure at Groupon on my team, additionally he has the same interaction and focus with every departmental manager within our organisation. Mark has developed curriculum specific to our needs and as the company continues to expand at a rapid rate, adapts the content fluidly to be at pace with the changing needs that growth creates. Mark Carter is phenomenal in his role, and his passion and drive is consistent and always first class. His energy, knowledge and foresight for the company and the industry is unrivaled.
Gray Daniel Roberts, Chief of Staff, Ex Uber - Ex Groupon
23 Mark has provided full training programs for two sales channels, the first was a sales process for the telephone sales department. Second was for our field sales division. Mark spent time with employees from both departments, going on the road, listening to phone calls and engaging with management to capture a full view of our operations. Most recently, Mark presented a full day training program to our field sales team. The sessions were inclusive, engaging and detailed. Mark has an excellent ability to keep energy levels high, right throughout the day. If you are looking for a high energy, passionate professional to align with your business. Whether for a training program, or a key note speaker, Mark is fantastic in this field.
Richard Austin, Director - GM, Covermore Insurance
22 Mark is someone i have utilised within my roles over the past 10 years. In leading people it is always important to invest in them in supplying them with new skills. This is where Mark's skill set comes into its own. Mark has helped me lead teams through change, instill new skills of operating in the day to day with structure and purpose. With an ever changing market Mark has the ability to help customer facing roles understand the importance of the customer and helps realigns one focus on putting the customer in the market place at the centre of everything a business should do. Mark's personal characteristics he brings to the table display transparency, trust, the motivation to make a difference and one of support and guidance. If you are looking to have someone support your business today in getting a better outcome for your customers Mark Carter is someone i would recommend. Thankyou
Geoff Hoffman, General Manager, Sensis
21 At Groupon ANZ and APAC Mark has made a massive positive impact. His understanding of sales negotiations and the structured processes he has developed for the sales teams around this have been a large part of the foundation that the sales organisation is built upon. Outside of training sales Mark has delivered great training to all parts of the business, from presentation skills to time management which helped the organisation grow as a whole. In APAC Mark has shown his flexibility to adapt to different audiences whether in Malaysia or Taiwan, he is meticulous in his preparation and constantly delivers his message with passion and in a truly engaging way.
Dave O'Meara, Co Founder, Spirable
20 I have known Mark for over 2.5 years now as he has been involved in our Corporate Training here at Denovo. He is just superb at it. Having a session with Mark is always like a breath of fresh air and as soon as you get back to your desk, you know you will get the job done. From an individual or business perspective, I have no hesitations whatsoever in recommending Mark!
Clement Schmutz, Business Development, Denovo Consulting
19 Mark has been working with our company over the past year on a variety of sales and leadership training initiatives. His expertise has been invaluable to us. Mark is able to relate to all level of sales/management staff and continues to inspire with his passion and enthusiasm. He has also worked with us to overhaul our sales processes with great success. If you require sales training, leadership development or process improvement, I would highly recommend Mark as a great partner.
Michael Coulton, Customer Experience Manager, Skybus
18 Mark "MC" Carter, simply put is exceptional in his field of learning & development. He is by far among the best public speakers and trainers that I have encountered in my entire career. I've had the the privilege of working with him to develop, train and coach my team in a variety ways ranging from technology releases, skills assessment, up-skill, induction training and overall development. I've also attended his Leadership Development & Change Management coaching tailored towards senior management & executives. Attending one of Mark's sessions will take you through a coaching journey you will not forget nor regret. He has an amazing ability (if not a gift) to motivate and boost a participant's self-confidence & self-belief to a whole new level. And he will do this while driving the direction, values and desired behaviors of an organization. I would recommend him in a heartbeat!
Henry Vesander, Sales Manager, Groupon
17 At his core Mark is an outstanding communicator, with a wealth of knowledge and insider expertise. Whether leading sales management training or hosting our annual Groupon ANZ conference, Mark's ability to balance high energy delivery and quality, digestible content is unmatched. He is guaranteed to keep any audience at the edge of their seats.
Anuj Phull, Strategy Head, Groupon
16 Mark is a fearless leader. His dynamic and interactive approach kept me enthralled through every minute of Groupons week long sales training. He provides not just an education but a sincere, professional and innovative experience. His energy is endless and charisma unparalleled. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mark and look forward to taking part in his next presentation.
Larry Mullet, Sales BDM, Groupon
15 Mark is by far one of the most interesting people I have met in my life. Not only is he detailed and talented in his approach, but he has a God given gift that he uses well!  Mark's ability to take a room of hundreds of people on an educational and inspiring journey, ensuring everyone is engaged is by no means easy to achieve, it is a true talent that he has mastered. I have attended many Key note and personal development / Sales based seminars, and I honestly believe Mark is at the top of his game If you have not sat through one of Marks presentations, make sure you do, He will blow your mind!!
Jason Church, Head of Business Development, Groupon
14 Mark Carter has worked closely with me since the conception of Denovo Consulting Group. His contribution to our business strategy and executive mentoring has been incremental in our continued success. His sales and leadership training programs have also contributed to a highly driven and motivated team. Long may our relationship continue….
Andrew Mckenna, Founder , Denovo & Select Pay
13 Mark recently spoke at an event run by one of our top real estate clients and received “outstanding” feedback. They were so happy with his work that they are getting him back again this year to present at another of their events. Mark is very professional, has an engaging presentation style and is accommodating when it comes to tailoring his content for clients. I can highly recommend him and am looking forward to working with him more in 2013.
Marg Booth, Managing Director , Great Expectations
12 Mark has been an outstanding presenter on public speaking for CUFA as part of our annual Development Education program. Not only has he thoroughly engaged and captivated his audience for the last three years, he has also given them important skills and tools that have helped them to grow and develop. Participants at the program have been from many diverse backgrounds, yet Mark has captivated and included everyone in the room, giving all the participants his time and energy. No wonder we are inviting Mark to Queenstown, New Zealand this year to present at the program again!
Anne Casey, Fundraising, Campaign Management, CUFA
11 I recently has the pleasure of sharing a stage with the fabulous Mark Carter at the Little Black Dress Seminar. Man I thought I had energy. Mark was absolutely fantastic. He presented with passion, energy and enthusiasm. His presentation was insightful, fun and at times tear jerking. His ability to change state within the room was awesome. I hope to work with Mark in the future but if you are looking for someone to light up your room and get your leaders thinking, Mark is the man.
Blythe Rowe, Author, Speaker, Trainer
10 Mark Carter of Glow International is a highly skilled MC and presenter. Mark was the MC for my organizations first Women Making a Difference fundraiser. We honored 3 dynamic women in the community that made a significant difference to my organization. Stepping Out Housing Program provides holistic supportive services and housing for adult survivors of childhood sexual assault. Inviting a man to MC the event was a landmark step for us because we are an agency lead by women for women in the community.  We selected Mark because of his keen understanding, compassion and knowledge about the population we serve. Mark worked closely with us to ensure the message we wanted to convey and the goals we wanted to achieve for the event were met. He spoke to our values and played a key role in creating an exceptional event experience. Mark delivered an energy to the event that helped us exceed our fundraising target. He prepared a dynamic video presentation to kick off the that was both captivating and well put together. He engaged participants in our live auction and as a results we raised several thousand dollars for our charity. I would highly recommend Mark Carter because he has the integrity, values and work ethic that really makes a difference!
Brigette Sancho, Senior Director Alumni & Donor Relations, University of Melbourne
9 I have had the privelage of working alongside Mark at both SENSIS and at CareerOne and Mark continues to hit the mark with effective sales training which sales consultants and Managers can take away with them and improve their results immediately. He is the only sales trainer I have used who engages his audience with energy, passion and a humbleness that draws the consultants in. The consultants, the Sales Managers and State Sales Managers buy in to him immediately and walk away from the training with actions that work. The feedback is always exceptionally positive from any team he has worked with, he can command a group of 100+ like he did with my Call Centre at SENSIS or a smaller group of 10 as he is doing now at CareerOne. A one day session based on value changed my team overnight from selling on price to selling on value and the proof is in the results, which are 30% higher than last month.
Kim Jackson, Territory Sales Manager, Amazon Web Services
8 I have engaged Mark Carter's (Glow International) services on many occasions over the last eight years. Whether it is a short powerful motivational presentation to kick off a sales campaign, a change management session or a long term leadership course Mark’s ability to understand our business model, specific needs and translate this into a compelling story that creates sustainable change is outstanding. When Mark is delivering a session our audience is always highly engaged and the feedback is second to none. Without doubt Mark is my first choice when looking to utilise external facilitators as he really understand our busines needs and always delivers a first class session. Mark’s ability to utilise his extensive experience and relate that back to our customers and teams is fantastic. He is always flexible with our requirements, can quickly adapt as new needs arise and is very innovative in his thinking. Mark takes the time to provide value added extras that make the sessions extremely memorable.
Rachel Chambers, Sales Enablement, Sensis
7 I was intrigued the first time I heard Mark Carter was going to present to our sales force as I have previously heard positive feedback regarding his style and was keen to see what all the hype was about. Mark met and surpassed my expectations. He was charismatic, vibrant and despite this very impersonal and relatable. He charmed the audience and myself from the moment he began to present. What Mark does to captivate the audience’s attention is he makes them think, rather than giving us the answers he asks the questions and takes the audience on a journey with him. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone seeking a motivational speaker.
Regional Vice President of Sales, Sensis
6 I have worked with Mark at Sensis since 2005. During this time we have used him from facilitating our start up conferences with 300+ people to running a motivational session for some of our senior leaders in the business, Mark is vibrant, knowledgeable and extremely creative. His ability to engage his audience whilst delivering key messages and takeouts are his strength. Mark is also versatile in his communication and knows how to connect with his audience. Mark is also well respected across our business and has always been a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in endorsing Mark.
Anthony Augustine, Commercial Manager, PRP Imaging
5 Mark stepped in at the last minute to MC my wedding. From start to finish he was enthusiatic and professional and really made the day for my wife and I. I'd recommend Mark to anyone requiring a public speaker. He speaks with authority and eloquence and no detail is too small. Thanks Mark!
Paul Jackaman, Non Executive Director, Nuwater Systems
4 I've had the pleasure of being coached by Mark Carter at Sensis Pty Ltd. Being in sales you are usually fed "more of the same" sales techniques spin. Mark however has always displayed a unique way of delivering presentations, combined with group activities and getting everyone involved has been truly inspiring. Mark's 100% integrity in his delivery style and always staying true to what he believes in, is infectious. Looking forward to the next session, which i have no doubt will have a lot of surprises!
Karan More, Sales Manager, Sensis
3 I've worked with Mark as his co-host for a charity event. Mark was electric and thoroughly entertained the audience. I would highly recommend hiring Mark to MC any award/charity/black tie event or to present to large corporations who want to motivate their employees.
Dr Maryanne Demasi, Investigative Journalist
2 I had the pleasure of hiring Mark as my MC at my wedding this year. To this day my guests are still talking about my fantastic MC. With 300 guest Mark definitely had his work cut out for him but from the beginning I new Mark was going to be amazing. He went out of his way months in advance to explore both cultures and bring them together. He made it so personable and went above and beyond an MC role, he was an entertainer. He gathered images creating his own presentation for my husband and I, he sat with my family prior to get their take on things, and in true Mark style he created magic for us on the night. how he controlled, took charge and entertained all night was beyond me. I would recemmend Mark for any occassion as I know I will be hiring him again soon. Thank you again Mark for all you did to make our day so special. Katrina Petrovic
Katrina Petrovic
1 I would like to thank Mark for helping me prepare a presentation for a recent seminar I held  for a women's workshop. Mark understood all my comments / feedback, was very professional and imaginative with the presentation. A huge THANK YOU.
Trina Phillips, Founder, Allegiance Home Loans