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Training & Workshops

Achieve superior results, drive improved performance and cultivate a harmonious culture by implementing targeted and customised training programs and workshops.

Training programs are curated for content, style and duration based on briefs and analysis. All training programs can be supported with blended online learning access to help embed learning, skills, strategies and capabilities.

  • Leadership & Talent Development

    Our customised leadership and management training equips leaders with innovative approaches to implement strategies and foster a harmonious culture. Bespoke leadership training programs arm people leaders to effectively manage teams amid continual challenges and change. This includes motivating, engaging and supporting in office, remote or hybrid team members for peak performance or better facilitating a harmonious hybrid work culture. We consult to help develop and implement leadership development frameworks that engage next level leaders. Investing in leadership and future manager training serves as a powerful employee engagement and retention strategy whilst simultaneously future proofing a business.  Our 5C Model helps to improve confidence, overcome challenges and promote creativity. Our FLOW coaching method is perfectly aligned with culture transformation.

    Key Takeaways
    • 5C Model’: confidence, challenges, creativity, coaching and culture
    • ‘GLOW’: end to end people leader and people management toolkit
    • ‘THOUGHT TANK’: behavioural science for effective and inspiring leaders
    Ideal for

    Leadership development strategies, leadership communication skills, leadership coaching, leadership training programs, leadership team building, leadership best practices, inspirational leadership, leadership mindset, management training, talent development programs, culture training or leadership tools.

    Wow, where do I start? Mark and my team had a number of meetings more than 3 months prior to the leadership training sessions to understand exactly where the business was at and what was needed in the delivery. From here Mark seamlessly built a bespoke leadership training program specific for the audience. As a facilitator there is simply none better. For Mark to deliver the amount of content in his fabulous story telling style that he did while engaging every single person in the room. The feedback has been a flood of enthusiasm and positivity and a lot of actions have been already implemented in less than a week. We cannot wait to have him back!!

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    — Chief Operating Officer, Care Choice
  • Sales Enablement

    We bring expertise in all aspect of sales capabilities. We provide bespoke sales training targeting specific sales skills or gaps in your sales team. Our dynamic sales training reinvigorates your sales teams and sales leadership. Customised content is designed to suit your business model, which may include business development, account management, hunter – farmer, lead generation, customer service and sales channel partner teams. We also develop end-to-end bespoke sales methodologies and sales capabilities, including train the trainer for sales training programs. We arm your business to implement sales skills internally for onboarding, sales inductions, sales upskilling and overall sales enablement. Our sales training programs cover a range of topics including sales foundations, sales strategy, differentiation, value propositions, sales preparation, value discovery, presenting sales solutions, negotiation skills, using technology, sales collateral and sales coaching.

    Key Takeaways
    • Bespoke ‘ROCKET’ sales capability and sales training programs 
    • Sales leadership programs to coach high performing sales teams
    • ‘WOW’: customer retention, customer service and loyalty training
    Ideal for

    Sales training, sales techniques, sales development, sales management, sales enablement, sales process, sales performance, sales coaching, sales capabilities, sales leadership development, sales frameworks, sales process improvement, sales capabilities, customer service training, customer experience training or sales team development.

    I have had the privilege of working alongside Mark at both SENSIS and at CareerOne and Mark continues to hit the mark with effective sales training which sales consultants and sales managers can take away with them and improve their results immediately. He is the only sales trainer I have used who engages his audience with energy, passion and a humbleness that draws the consultants in. The consultants, the Sales Managers and State Sales Managers buy in to him immediately and walk away from the training with actions that work. The feedback is always exceptionally positive from any team he has worked with, he can command a group of 100+ like he did with my Call Centre at SENSIS or a smaller group of 10 as he is doing now at CareerOne. A one days sales training session based on value changed my team overnight from selling on price to selling on value and the proof is in the results, which are 30% higher than last month.’

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    — Territory Sales Manager, AWS
  • Team Performance & Motivation

    Continual learning underpins team performance, team harmony, team motivation, retention and success. We collaborate with organisations to create comprehensive frameworks, from onboarding to regular up skilling training programs, addressing a variety of highly sought after themes. Workshops on productivity, time management and personal efficiency help top performers maintain focus on the most important priorities leading to greater effectiveness and success. Change is inevitable, so, our tools on adaptability, resilience and the ability to both navigate through change and drive successful change increase the likelihood of achieving long term goals in the face of challenges or change management. Instilling skills such as creativity and a growth mindset fosters inspiration and the cultivation of ideas that can lead to new points of differentiation and innovation. Our robust content on candour, feedback and culture puts ownership, accountability, commitment and performance in everyone’s hands.

    Key Takeaways
    • ‘5P OPS’: people, processes, productivity, projects and profitability
    • Change management, adaptability, resilience, motivation and mindset
    • Bespoke programs unlocking personal potential and team development
    Ideal for

    Team development, team building, teamwork, team communication, team collaboration, team training, team leadership, team motivation, team inspiration, team effectiveness, team performance, team resilience, teamwork training, culture development, team resilience training, productivity training, time management training or team building activities.

    Mark “MC” Carter, simply put is exceptional in his field of learning & development. He is by far among the best public speakers and trainers that I have encountered in my entire career. I’ve had the privilege of working with him to develop, train and coach my team in a variety ways ranging from technology releases, skills assessment, up-skill, induction training and overall development. I’ve also attended his Leadership Development & Change Management coaching tailored towards senior management & executives. Attending one of Mark’s training sessions will take you through a coaching journey you will not forget nor regret. He has an amazing ability (if not a gift) to motivate and boost a participant’s self-confidence & self-belief to a whole new level. And he will do this while driving the direction, values and desired behaviours of an organization. I would recommend him and his training programs in a heartbeat!

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    — Product Management, Best Practise Software
  • Presentation Skills

    Fear of public speaking is a prevalent phobia many people experience. The mere thought of making mistakes, being judged or receiving negative feedback by audiences, small or large, can incite anxiety, nerves or a sense of intimidation. Within Mark’s academy, presentation skills have been a popular and long-standing program. Businesses invest in presentation skills for various reasons. Presentation skills can improve the quality of internal communications, from team meetings to town halls. Presentation skills also serve as a foundation for facilitation and moderation skills making them ideal for programs requiring aspects of train the trainer. Moreover, presentation skills enhance the professionalism and engagement of sales or marketing presentations, influencing cut through and profit. A master class version for keynote speaking is ideal for aspiring keynote presenters or leaders delivering keynote addresses for business events. 

    Key Takeaways
    • ‘ORATOR’: Voice influences, body language and presentation design
    • Creativity, metaphors, archetypal storytelling and presentation delivery
    • Audience engagement, charisma, personal presence, ethos and confidence
    Ideal for

    Presentation skills training, sales presentations, pitch decks training, pitching skills, train the trainer training, facilitation skills training, keynote speaker training, keynote speaker master class, charisma training, storytelling training, the art of storytelling, body language training, virtual presentation training or virtual host training.

    Ignite Human Potential with Mark Carter was such an incredible workshop. We focused on a compilation of practical presentation skills training tips and program themes; from voice influences and body language to how we build and structure a presentation. A significant part of the two-day session was mastering the art of storytelling using metaphors and learning how to engage an audience using archetypal themes, creativity and sensory engagement. A few key takeaways the team found most valuable:

    · The power of authenticity and being genuine
    · The importance of self awareness; harnessing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
    · The value of storytelling in presentation skills
    · Building relationships and bonding with co-workers

    I have been fortunate enough to work with Mark Carter multiple times over the past 10 years & his training programs are always inspiring, motivating and most importantly relevant to each member of the team. We were able to take pieces of information from the presentation skills training most relevant to our role and apply them in all areas of communication. I would highly recommend a session for any business!

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    — CEO, Skip
  • Behavioural Sciences & Profiling

    Whether you are striving for improved results, inspiring leadership, culture transformation or personal fulfillment, understanding human behaviour is a secret sauce that can help achieve your goals. To drive high performance, achieve great team results or become a more effective people leader, it is essential to continue refining and harnessing human behaviour skills. Profiling is an effective tool for improving hiring selections and talent development. By profiling individuals and teams you can gain awareness of motivations, personality types and social styles which translates into actionable ideas that increase employee engagement, productivity and efficiency. In addition, profiling can help team members improve their communication skills, leveraging strengths whilst managing weaknesses, and serve as a powerful enabler for conflict management, coaching and team cohesion. Overall, profiling provides valuable insights to help individuals and teams unlock potential and achieve goals.

    Key Takeaways
    • DISC – DRIVING FORCES – WPMOT – MBTI – NLP accredited
    • EQ360 – EQ – EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE accredited
    • TRI METRIX accredited (An ideal, holistic, leadership development tool)
    Ideal for

    Personality profiling, DISC profiling, emotional intelligence training, EQ training, personality traits, MBTI, social psychology, psychometric testing, social profiling, behavioural sciences,  team communication, team harmony, conflict resolution, high performing teams, human behaviour training and leadership development or leadership training.

    I couldn’t recommend Mark Carter enough. I met him and everything he said was exactly what I needed, I read his book and made the decision to engage him and invest in my team; so I could give them the same growth experience I have been working on. The Trimetrix behaviour profiling was eye opening, and with his tools and direction, helping me untangle my stuff, I am actually the most awesome version of myself I’ve ever been. And in this year I’ve lost 20KG, and I’m handling all the potholes in my personal and business life far better than past me did. There’s no magic in life, but I’m feeling pretty magical about myself; sign up, read the book, do the trimetrix profiling and actually use the profiling tools and put them in action; and I think you could be magic too. Thanks MC.

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    — Franchise Owner, Optus Warnambool

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