freE-Book – Self Confidence


These compact books have been put together aligned with the overarching themes of the catalogues in online academy;

  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Development

This book ‘2 Layer Cake of Confidence’ is aligned with personal development. When the team pulled this one together it was individually everyones favourite. Possibly due to the nature of the personal stories from Scotties childhood. Self confidence is a single chapter (from 25 over arching powerful themes for personal growth and peak performance) in my major first book ‘Ignite Your Potential’. Part 1 of a trilogy for directing behavioural sciences and emotional intelligence.

Authored by MC
Edited by Natalie Kapovic
Art & Design by Deborah Gillham
Tech Set Up by Ollie Brazier

“Self-confidence is a fundamental pillar of success and fulfilment in all walks of life. It’s why the topic is so vastly covered in philosophy, business, politics, sport, literary, prose and video.”

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