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This is an opportunity to secure early release copies of Mark’s 2nd book.

‘ADD VALUE’ is published by WILEY. The forward has been written by Chris Hall.

Due to lockdown and events being cancelled for 2020, the official release date has been moved to October 2020.

2020 is proving a challenging year for all. Myself included. The irony being the model and tools within ‘ADD VALUE’ are exceptionally well suited to the times in which we live. In that regard, I’m excited to be releasing the book now, this year. The challenge lies where my primary outlet for connecting, live audiences and events, is somewhat limited. Which makes me think about a story to share…

I recall reading the legacy of band ‘Linkin Park’ many years ago. They put so much work and effort into their music in their early years despite main stream eluding them. In 1999 they gained underground support via online ‘street teams’ and chat rooms.

When Linkin Parks first album, ‘Hybrid Theory’, was then released it represented half a decades worth of the bands work. Ultimately it gained momentum and success because of their grass roots support and in spite of A&R execs or general commercial landscape attitudes.

My personal challenge this year is akin to this. Gaining support without diluting the official release in October. I’m in no doubt the overall success of this project will be a result of a similar style grass roots support. I already contribute a plethora of exclusive interviews, features, articles and opinion pieces across mainstream media yet this doesn’t necessarily translate to traction where or when it counts.

I’d also share another quick creative insight concerning ‘The Mouse Trap’. The stage play has been running continuously in the West End of London since 1952. I’m sure it too has been impacted right now yet it will bounce back. The longevity of the plays success has been sustained as each new cohort of actors, adopting their roles, gather humbly on stage after the curtain drops to make a kind request to every individual within each collective audience. Now you know what the secret of the mousetrap is, by all means provoke interest that we might attract our future audiences, but please don’t give the secret away to so that either the momentum or experience is taken for granted or lost.

And so it is with ‘ADD VALUE’. Your help gaining grass roots support so, when October comes, snippets and sound bytes may surface in reviews. My thanks and love in advance in this regard.

This book, the new centre piece of my entire academy and all my singular programs, represents work from closer to two decades of my life. Regardless the outcome, I’m glad I’ve invested the time to bring this body of work to life. I write for purpose. I offer contributions to truly ‘ADD VALUE’. Come what may.


* This special limited pre order release price includes an author signed copy, postage and delivery plus a little extra value, prior to main release, as a thank you for your support.  #ADDVALUE  

Please allow extra days for delivery given extended current postage timeframes.

** Separate links will be created in the coming months, closer to official release, for mainstream pre sales and orders via retailers as the world re opens for business.


  • Note: MC will arrange personal delivery of these business client pre orders. Typical of his style, also true to the theme of the book, he’ll be adding value along the way!

The image in the gallery shares the back cover blurb, also detailed below:

What if you could bring more value to your work, your relationships and your life?

It starts with appreciating and enriching your self-worth and what you cherish.

Add Value takes a deep dive into the meaning of value – a concept we throw around and take
for granted, but is at the heart of every decision and action we take.

In the age of artificial intelligence our human values are more important than ever, yet we often
only look to them in times of trouble.

Author Mark Carter is your guide to rediscovering and redefining the many facets of value in your life to become authentically, healthily and wholeheartedly you.

It’s time to put your values first. Learn how to:

• realise and expand your full potential in your career
• identify your personal values for success at work and beyond
• stop compromising your authentic value
• find meaning and fulfillment in your relationships
• contribute value through philanthropy for social impact
• focus on strong, personal human connections in a digital age

Add Value is a unique and insightful book for anyone with the curiosity and energy to invest in
themselves in order to thrive, today and into the future.

This is a chance for MC’s business clients to pre order small bulk copies for their business and teams.

WATCH MC’s TEDx talk which is where he released a brief overview of this model


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