Add Value Bespoke Business Introductory Program


Realign And Redefine Your Business Culture And Performance For The Economy Post Lockdown

There are a couple of powerful, reflective questions on the tip of every business tongue at this moment:

  • How do we survive then thrive in the next stage of a pandemic: re emergence?
  • How do we then continue to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world?

What’s Included:

Start The Value (Re)Creation Journey:
– Bespoke Inputs: unique internal business survey link (MC Form link sent for your business access)
– Model Overview: Elements And Causes  (Pre program access: TEDx talk + Academy Modules)
– 50 copies of the Add Value book delivered to a single drop point
1 Hr Virtual / Live Session + 30 Minute Q&A (Discussions bespoke based on survey inputs)
– Values And Culture: How to bring your values to life
– Culture Pillars Overview: The four aspects to improve employee experience
– Differentiation Matrix: Periodically updating and positioning the business
– Build Your V.A.E’s: Create your unique playbook of value
– The Experience Economy: How to address the 4X
Continue Value Creation: Academy Access + 1 Month Post Live session
– Continue The Value Creation Journey:  (Modules accessed in the academy)
– 30 Minute Check In – Q&A – Content to close the value loop

* Sessions will be run virtually or, when permitted, live
* Numbers can be adapted: contact us for less/more than 50 participants
* The bespoke session delivery to be booked in and conducted by March 1st 2021
* Your academy access can be via business group profile or unlocked via a bespoke code


* Bookings can be made via buy now or contact us directly to arrange bespoke invoicing or split payments.
Contact us at: addvalue@markcarter.com.au