Creativity: A Quicky for 5 Disruptive Tips

‘Creativity: having mind blowing, irresponsible sex with whatever idea you’re working on’ – Lady GaGa.


I may not be the biggest Lady Gaga fan but regardless whether it’s artistic invention, disruptive innovation or relationship injection, I do concur with her perspective in the banner. So given I’ve recently run some sessions on creative disruption here’s 5 quick tips to get your head in the game…


  • Begin your foray with some foreplay stimulating fertile thoughts through word puzzles and games.?


  • Or lick your leading edge libido into shape by upping the tempo: listen to music. Better still, classical music. And if you want to go all the way try tapping a little of ‘The Magic Flute’. (If you’re aware of the Mozart effect you’ll appreciate why) ?‍


  • Bang your brains by breaking as many norms in your day as you dare to adventure: wear your watch on the opposite wrist, try a variation of your morning coffee, walk a different route. In this instance size doesn’t matter as new experiences, no matter how large or small, stimulate sensory suppositions.⌚️


  • More sophisticated might be getting a little old school amorous with your mind. Gently massage and silence it through meditation to clear the way for some creativity.?


  • Finally, make love with your logical side up to 6 different ways using De Bono’s ‘6 Thinking Hats’ as a play toy. ?


Ultimately, it is through shocking any missionary styled, analytical, fixed mindsets that allows innovative agility and divergent thinking to be triggered. So when one learns to become mischievous with the mind, through creative play and power tools, that ultimately inspired thoughts are forced to come… or is that flow. ? ?

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