CONSISTENCY: 5 Tips For A Subtle Principle of Success

Consistency; It’s one of those steady words which never quite leaps off the page in lists for leadership or personal success principles for people the way ‘Confidence’, ‘Collaboration’, ‘Courage’, ‘Class’ or ‘Candor’ do. Yet without consistency the usual suspect pillars for which many people are proponents may cease to exist or crumble.


Consider that it is in all areas of life just as it is the way a personal trainer hammers home the concept of change through diet and physical training: It’s not exercising any muscle once in a while or chowing down healthily for a week that delivers results. It’s a constant, steady, determined effort.


Consistency in all shapes and sizes determines your overall success.


Consistency in energy directed with purpose.


Consistency in behaviours; self-control and attitude towards others


Consistency is a core conduit through which trust is established, deeper trust is built upon and relationships then maintained over a long period of time.


A Consistent pursuit of personal growth, improving your self, increases your armory and mental metal of tools and skills. Simultaneously, paradoxically, and contrary to the words of Oscar Wilde (who labeled consistency as ‘the last refuge of the unimaginative’) your deftness for ongoing development ensures you might remain a solid pillar of stability in the eyes of others without becoming mundanely predictable.


A continually evolving process of tapping your personal potential, leading with or enhancing your strengths whilst managing your weaknesses, gets you into personal flow allowing you to both thrive and flourish.


Consistent choice of best nourishment (for body, mind and soul) along with constant self-belief births an unbreakable, yet healthy and understated, rock solid self-confidence.


Consistency is the drip, creating ripple effects far into your future from where you stand right now.


Once discovered, it’s consistency in upholding your self-respect, establishing values, setting and standing by key boundaries with others, which establishes a precedent that no one and nothing can disrupt your calm inner strength towards purpose and legend.


People who live an extra ordinary life have no secret weapons or tricks up their sleeves that you don’t know about. The seemingly super heroes and exceptional individuals are also still very ordinary people. A life extra ordinary is simply a life comprising hundreds of thousands or even billions of ordinary moments fused together with consistency. An ongoing promise if you will, with passion and purpose, committing to, in the first instance, self.


As Aristotle said ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’


Therefore, consciously choose with repetition, then, your habits of consistency.



5 Quick Tips For Creating Consistency:


1 – Minimise Or Eliminate Self Sabotaging Negative Thinking

Other people don’t make or break our habits. We start and end point often for success is falling on ones own sword. Learn to smite down the negative nay sayer inside your head. Flip the switch from problem to solution thinking, master your own mind and ‘keep your hand firmly upon the helm of our own thoughts’ as James Allen would say.


2 – Appreciate The Value of Time

There is only now. The future is a hypothetical concept until it actually happens, the past a history been and gone. It’s your actions now, now, and now again which create momentum towards success in all areas of life.

Procrastinate slightly less. Be decisive a little more. Living for the now with firm commitment ultimately moves you towards, plus compounds, personal fulfillment and success.


3 – Make Definite Goals & Action Plans Towards Your ‘Why’

Goal setting and maps towards achievement help drive sustained effort. Especially when you’ve identified your real, intrinsic motivation.

Start with your why. Establish direction. Stick to the map, deviating, if and when you must, yet with the end destination always in mind.


4 – Challenges & Emotional Reactions Are All Only Fleeting 

Everything passes or progresses. Learn to better manage your emotional response to all situations outside of your direct control (being almost everything really despite the illusion you may have otherwise).

There’s an expression I’ve always loved since discovering it ‘It’s not what happens that’s important. It’s how you choose to respond’.


5 – Make Sure Your Words & Actions Are Aligned

Where an individual says one thing yet proceeds to do something entirely different, I’ve learnt to pay attention to their actions. For, at that moment in time, being in the now, their present modus operandi is the truest indicator of what they are really making a stand for.

In a previous blog (‘The Elephant In The Room’) I go as far to say ‘any words you may yell or scream are lost to the cacophony of noise your actions make.’

Consider ultimately that when what you say and what you do are completely aligned, you are demonstrating integrity to others.

Add to this, potentially somewhat more importantly, when what you are thinking & feeling is aligned with those words and actions, ultimately you are consistently within integrity within yourself.



‘Long term consistency trumps short term intensity’
The Tao of Bruce Lee

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