Tips For Control Freaks

Tips for control freaks ?:

The only thing worth endeavouring to control is le helm of your own headspace ?

Trying to control, force or bend the environment or others into submission through struggles, games or power plays, is tiring, destructive, fruitless &, like a broken pencil, really quite pointless✏️

Once you truly grasp the inter relational nature of flow is symbiosis, acceptance & love it becomes clear the one thing to master is ones own mind, aligned with truth to ones heart. ❣️

– – – – –

1: Which emotion is driving a need to control? (Clue, often some kind of fear). Identifying, naming & facing it disempowers it & creates space for disentanglement. ?

2: Observe & identify where you’re trying to control the uncontrollable; over planning, over thinking, avoidance, resistance & being judgemental are clues. Mindfulness allows opportunity to challenge patterns of thought.⛓

3: Seek candid observations & ideas from others. Not people who tell what you want to hear, rather those whose opinions you trust. Listen & take action with ones that resonate.?

4: Roll with emotions that truly make you feel good. These are clues to follow, even if you don’t fully understand.?

5: Like a Bruce Lee style tao: Be like an ice cream, chill ?

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