Mark Carter at TEDx

Paws and effect: How teddy bears can expand your value perception. 

Value underpins the success of sustainable adoption in all ventures. Whether we are talking about your business, an initiative to impact the community, or your personal life, value is the key to the likelihood of success. So, what is value? Often people ‘perceive’ value based on specific or narrow filters, with which they live and experience their world. A simple way to explain it: try telling a vegetarian that eating meat is the way to go! The concept of educating, building and inspiring appreciation of value with others has its challenges. No one has enough words or wisdom to ‘tell’ anyone what the value of an idea is, or why they should adopt it, as every individual chooses and appreciates value for themselves. The way to engage people is to consciously ‘show’ them. This includes potentially showing them a completely fresh perspective they couldn’t appreciate through their usual filters.