Sales Skills; Value Perception – Mumbai

‘Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value’

Our Five VAE principles (Value Added Extras) to increase the perception of value.
In this case applied to a simple transaction: cooling down on the streets of Mumbai.

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Demonstrating value is an essential component of closing any deal or building trust in any relationship. Demonstrable return on investment is a standard term referred to, proving the numbers, yet often the increased perception of value lives in arenas that may have nothing to do with the direct tangible exchange of money for either goods or services.

Being a disrupter means being creative with how you increase perceived value. The 5 principles featured in the videos are taken from a detailed body of work (WOW Program) where additional innovative methods are educated. The 5 principles featured in a nutshell are:

  • Save Time – People are hard wired to value their time
  • The Upgrade – Needn’t include high costs yet the end user feeling created is gold
  • WOW Factor – Give your customers something left field they didn’t expect or see coming
  • For You Alone – Tailored, a feeling of handmade, shows you truly value them, often reciprocated
  • Crisis Conversion – Solving challenges (fully, partially or attempting!) increases value perception

You can hear about the original concept of  MC’s V.A.E’s  explained here

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