‘Ignite Your Potential’ – Art, Book & Cards Value Pack



'An extra ordinary compilation of practical and enlightening life lessons guaranteed to inspire! This book is laugh out loud funny, passionately raw and profoundly down to earth. A captivating storyteller, Mark takes his readers on a journey through Europe sharing his deeply honest experiences, instantly relatable insights and practical actions to 'Ignite Your Potential'. I will be keeping this book close by for daily inspiration when facing challenges in life and business. I am ignited!'

Vicky Jones – Business Owner, Coach, Mentor, Speaker.


A special package designed with input from the artist and friends which puts the whole set, including your favourite artwork, in your hands and on the wall.

Package includes:

1 x Australian Premium Print Edition of the book 'Ignite Your Potential'
1 x Set of 'Ignite Your Potential' Development Cards (the set includes all 25 cards & images)
1 x Quality Satin Canvas Art – 20 cm x 30 cm  – with an image of your choosing from the set.

Select your favourite image to be created as the canvas art.

This Gift Package includes all delivery: note, the canvas art piece may arrive in a separate delivery from the book and cards, yet all postage and delivery is included as free.

For orders and delivery outside of Australia please contact us direct at info@markcarter.com.au


The book 'Ignite Your Potential' is a development tool that offers practical advice through a combination of memoir, Emotional Intelligence and helpful tips. Each chapter centres on a theme of personal development that is then summarised in 3 quick tips that can be applied in all areas of life, but geared towards peak performance, personal development and business.

The cards can be used as a daily or weekly oracle or creative tool of focussing on key peak performance themes. There is a complimentary downloadable manual for the development cards here.

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