‘Ignite Your Potential’ Card App

Ignite your potential, the app,  is a creative development tool with an holistic spin towards personal development based on the concept of the Major Arcana. In our adapted version each card, taken from the book and project, has a dedicated theme and symbol to help you reflect, review, reconcile, re-engage or take action towards powerful areas of personal development.

Each daily turn is accompanied by inspiration and an idea you can personalise and implement. You can also allow the imagery, symbolism, colours or card titles stir the imagination to identify additional self realised strategies you can put into action. Knowledge put into action can be transformative and powerful. These can be applied to all areas of life but geared more towards peak performance, personal development and business improvement. The artwork for the book, featured here on the development cards, has been beautifully illustrated with a bespoke set of 25 pieces brought to life by artist Deborah Gillham. The artworks are available on canvasses and other product lines.

Ignore the ‘Add To Cart’ Button. No need to add to the cart. Just click directly on either the Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for Apple IOS) and grab the app directly for free now on us!


You can purchase a hard copy of the book via ‘Books’ on the shop page or an online version by clicking on the button below.


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