In Hindi religion Ganesh is the patron of wisdom and God of letters and learning: amongst extended titles. He captures the concept of mastering the communication skills required in the application of candor. Ganeshas elephant head makes him an easy figure to identify. The nature of this feature also adds an ideal visual storytelling element signifying the importance of calling out the ‘elephants in the room.’ At the feet of the majestic mammoths lay the broken shackles of bureaucracy, conditioning, guardedness, fear of judgment or false politeness which has previously inhibited or rendered the most important conversations and words unspoken. The elephants face each other respectfully as equals irrespective the perception or unknown outcomes by courageously voicing truths.

Image wrapped around frame. Artistic satin canvas. Solid softwood frame with a wedged mitre joint. Nylon hanging point. Bubble wrapped in a cardboard outer box.

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