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Thought Tank, Coaching and Mentoring

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Coaching and Executive Coaching sessions include:

An initial online access established and accessed to generate a multi layer behavioural science report. ‘Thought Tank’ which includes includes multiple layers of behaviour style and incorporating overviews such as the Tri Metrix Behavioural report. :


  • General characteristics: for impact on broader communications
  • Awareness of broader communication skills for adaptability
  • Checklists and ideas for improving overall communications
  • Identifying natural strengths/opportunties for personal growth or time wasters
  • Leveraging personal style/language awareness for career path and personal growth
  • Intrinsic motivators and the changing nature of motivation
  • EQ – Emotional Quotient
  • Leveraging personality type, motivation and emotional intelligence towards performance


A thorough debrief will then be conducted live or via Skype/Web Conference Call, to identify the context and useability of the report for longer term.

The Initial extended debrief will also include a 60 minute minimum coaching session aligned with FLOW theory and ICF. All of which is designed to facilitate directive action towards holistic goals: Performance, Fulfillment & Learning.


Bundled Packs

Continued coaching sessions, each being a minimum of 60 minutes, will facilitate ongoing traction, accountability and action towards continued, holistic goals.

Additional and continued coaching will also include tools, content and IP from multiple programs towards broader general themes of personal development, fulfillment and business success including:


  • Time management and productivity science and tool kit
  • Leadership capability and modeling
  • Business ethics and tools for sales, account management and customer experience
  • Orator: Presentation & facilitation skills
  • Conflict resolution and crisis conversion
  • Change: living through change, driving change or change management


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You can nominate an initial coaching pack to suit your needs. Additional sessions can be discussed and added as required. Alternatively, bespoke mentoring programs can be discussed and arranged.



Please make sure to insert your correct e-mail address and contact number on checkout. You will be contacted directly. The online portal access will be established and you will be given all confirmation plus instructions on how to complete. We will also then lock in the coaching dates that are suitable.

Once set up, coaching sessions can be altered.
Any changes must be made within 24 hours of the previously confirmed time.
Initial coaching, 3 pack or 6 pack sessions are to be used within a 12 month period from date of initial purchase.

A tax invoice, inclusive of GST, will of course be provided for all coaching packs for tax purposes.