Motivation: 12 Body Parts – A Metaphor for Personal Motivation

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Motivation can be defined as;

An internal state or condition that activates behaviours.Desires, or wants, that energise and direct goal oriented actions.Feelings that drive an individual towards an objective.Internal. Energised. Directed actions with feeling. When you double down this angle with perspective from Carl Sagan, that we’re all made from star stuff, you’re left pondering the power of personal potential. The carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and other heavy elements that exist within you were probably birthed amongst nebulae (clouds of swirling gasses) forged from the embers of supernova (dying stars). In which case Carl Sagan, Moby too when it comes down to it, were onto something when saying ‘we’re all made from stars’.

This creative piece (re filmed featuring my friend and trainer Dave Bergwerf) is a fast paced reminder to tap the potential star within, encouraging to channel more celestial substance even when you’re not quite feeling it.

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