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As well-known guest speakers spanning across Melbourne and Sydney – as well as internationally – we have hands-on experience working with business leaders and participants covering a diverse range of industries.

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The academy is a groundbreaking personal development program that has been purposely built for individuals seeking the tools for continual learning across personal development, professional development and their own personal growth.

A learning system filled with content and features that will create actions to drive change in all aspects of your life. No matter what you need, from your personal, professional or business growth, the academy has the tools you need – straight from a talented sales speaker.

There are more than a dozen IP programs to improve sales, sales results, leadership skills, culture, operational efficiency and much more. The academy is for those who realise that continued development and skills deliver success and results. A mobile optimised, personal development learning system with the ability for you to curate your own content.





Our philosophy for inspiring and encouraging personal development as a motivational keynote speaker is to ensure a combination of entrepreneurial and innovative thought leadership combined with proven, academic knowledge. All our content is underpinned with accreditations in a variety of vocational training programs and credible recognised models. We align with organisations within the realm of human and talent development in addition to organisations from industries we serve.