Bespoke for Fitness and Wellness Pro's. Dominate in saturated industries leveraging powerful points of difference and utilising powerful tools. The knowledge applied from these programs will keep you business minded and ahead of the competition. It will mean sustainable growth rather than falling to a 'get rich quick' theme or the social surface aesthetics of being seen as Monopoly money styled popular. We reflect on criteria from attendees during the application in order to make sure we can help you succeed. This is a program about success, not filling numbers. If you have the intention and purpose to succeed the program will help you BECOME great to prosper.


Chris Penfold & Mark Carter

This course combines the powerful collaboration of Mark Carters 20

years experience in learning and development in over 40 countries with

Chris Penfolds balanced focussed approach to physicality and health

for the last 10 years. Both have assisted thousands of people globally to

achieve their goals. This course will arm you with the acumen to

succeed growing your fitness business. This collaboration has evolved

into the most unique synergy of personal and professional development

aimed at peaking fitness professional potential.

Succeed Where Others Fall Flat!

  • Become a great trainer
  • Leverage behavioural science for success
  • Create truly individual learning pathways for clients
  • Apply business pillars for future growth
  • Build out sustainable business growth plans and strategies
  • Implement client engagement strategies
  • Blend professional fitness/wellness knowledge with dynamic business acumen
  • Connect with a like minded support network
  • Access successful business tools for sales, growth and leadership

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