7 Quick Tips on Presentation Skills

If you can speak well, you get to influence.
If you can influence perhaps you get to change lives.


1) Appeal first to the heart then the head.❣️

2) Master stories. Stories appeal to all the important senses.?

3) Simple, succinct facts take care the common sense and logic. Simplify facts to the core.⚖️

4) Keep flowing. Don’t get stuck on specifics. You’re the only one who knew what you were going to say.?

5) Your energy is the ignition to spark the fire. How engaged do you want them? Throw that zest on the fire.?

6) Be authentic and candid. An original, truthful you is better than any kind of fake or copy ?

7) Nerves are normal. Nerves show you care. So embrace your nerves and have fun.??

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