3 Life & Business Lessons From Living In Paris

When I first found out I was to be based in Paris in the early 90’s my initial reaction was, well, slight disappointment. Surely there were more exotic European bases? Greece or Italy perhaps. (That came later!). Now I can’t imagine missing out the experience of residing in the French capital. So, in addition to the concept of acceptance, going with the flow, here’s 3 other quick lessons learnt from one of the worlds most iconic metropolis:


– Paris began as a municipal of barely any significance back in 3BC, a podunk: being a back water swamp. The grandest and most elegant future plans all have humble beginnings you see. Learn patience. ??


– Centuries of regal dynasties, artisans, innovators, revolutionaries and peasants all played a part: despite what Napoleon would have you believe. I doubt Bonaparte, a genius in some ways, cemented too many bricks with his own stubby fingers. It takes many hands to make ze magic! Collaboration ultimately births dreamy plans into majestic, sustainable reality.?⚒


– Paris has since earned 2 special monikers. ‘The City of Light. The City of Love.’ Maybe endeavour to replicate the same through your character. But not merely the surface, aesthetics or shallow words. Demonstrate and become them through actions, kindness & empathy. A person radiating light. A consistent beacon of love. ?❣️

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