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The term MC or emcee is often associated to one of two extended meanings; Master of Ceremony or Microphone Controller. Whichever description you prefer, when you have a name with initials ‘MC’, working as a  speaker and presenter, it’s almost serendipitous to host ceremonies.


When you add to this a career in development being sparked from an initial pathway working in tourism and hospitality it’s easy to understand why Mark Carter is frequently asked to host prestigious events, awards, ceremonies or fundraisers.

He’ll keep all elements on track, to time and appropriately entertaining and energised. This applies regardless whether tightly scripted protocols are the order of the day or if there’s a little more scope for some free flowing for ad lib. Mark Carters natural spontaneous style and sense of humour means your event will be charged or empathetic to match the different stages of each event.

As an additional bonus he will also apply our intellectual idea of VAE’s; Value Added Extras. It’s a theme you may be aware of from from his keynote content or sales programs. This means he will frequently go the extra mile and tailor additional elements such as unique audio visual content or even hand making a one of a kind dreaMCatcher as a give away as a complimentary extra.

Having lived in Paris and French wine growing regions he also learnt the art of ‘sabrage’ 2 decades ago. If applied to your event you can expect to see champagne bottles cleanly sabred at the neck with his more localised Australian military styled blade.

Many events with a philanthropic theme may also have an element of items for auction with proceeds going to the host charity. His solid background developing sales leaders and sales teams means he’s equipped to step up to the plate as auctioneer to ensure your fundraising opportunities are succesfully capitalised.

Each event is evaluated based on individual circumstance and availability.

A Few Previous Engagements Include;


Australian Citizen of The Year Awards & Citizenship Ceremony (Part of Australia Day Celebrations)

Stepping Out Housing Program Inaugural Fundraiser
(Supportive services and housing for women victims, especially survivors of childhood sexual abuse)

Sunrise Children’s Orphanage Fundraisers
(Building family environments & providing training and development programs for children, their families and extended communities)

Archibald Prize Platinum Pass Event



A Mark Carter (MC) Keynote will have your audience captivated from the onset and talking long after the event. By combining creative content, unique audio visuals and powerful storytelling, an MC Keynote will set the tone for your session, bring a vision to life and ignite change. All Keynotes encourage people participation to allow connection with the audience.


Development programs in areas such as leadership, sales, account management, presentation skills, productivity, change management and personal development.  Sophisticated, scientifically proven models & pragmatic tools, along with 20 years depth of knowledge in learning & development, ensures these tailored programs suit your environment, challenges, vision and strategy. Experience across more than 40 countries translates into development programs powerfully effecting inclusivity; cutting through diversity and other perceived barrios to learning.


Change is inevitable. Individual growth is a personal choice. Coaching enables high performance through better choices and activities.  Our coaching model allows individual and teams strive towards high performance; in turn benefiting the organization as a whole by establishing personal accountability. Our coaching modelling establishes business self sufficiency for continued development.


Whether Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller, MC hosts quality events with effortless ease. He’ll keep all elements, regardless whether scripted or ad-lib, on track, to time and extremely high energy.  His spontaneity, sense of humour and quick wit provides an appropriate level of energy: be it highly charged or empathetic, to match the different stages of each event. Frequently he will tailor additional value added elements for each occasion, including unique AV content or dreaMCatchers, as a keepsake and reminder.

What others say.

Mark was the MC for my organizations first Women Making a Difference fundraiser. Inviting a man to MC the event was a landmark step for us because we are an agency lead by women for women in the community. Mark delivered an energy to the event that helped us exceed our fundraising target. I would highly recommend Mark Carter because he has the integrity, values and work ethic that really makes a difference!
Brigette Sancho
‘I've worked with Mark as his co-host for a charity event. Mark was electric and thoroughly entertained the audience. I would highly recommend hiring Mark to host any award/charity/black tie event or to present to large corporations who want to motivate their employees.’
Maryanne Demasi
TV Producer & Presenter

Previous Engagements.

We’ve got hands on experience working with business leaders and participants covering a diverse range of industries including;
Media – E-commerce – Advertising – Recruitment – Travel – Hospitality – Telecommunications – Banking – Insurance – Sport – Retail – Property – Real Estate – Not For Profit – Government
Content and end user deliverables are always based on an initial discussion, further detailed analysis, bespoke adaptation, appropriate documentation, reports and recommendations.
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Some of our previous engagements include:


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