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Keynote Address Speaker – Mark Carter leverages his areas of expertise – leadership, culture, sales & behavioral sciences – to deliver seriously creative, wow factor keynotes. All content is designed for sensory engagement establishing connection and high levels of engagement with all attendees.

WOW Keynote Speeches

Marks dynamic presentation style provokes thought, discussion, and participation ultimately encouraging adoption of key principles. Topics are always adapted and tailored to suit a variety of pre identified key themes.

Mark Carter’s Keynotes are Ideal for annual conferences, launches, change environments, stakeholder engagement, celebrations, re-focus or sheer motivation. A Mark Carter (MC) Keynote will have your audience captivated from the onset, talking about it and going into action long after the lights go out.

Below is a list of some of the baseline, popular topics from our keynote eventography which can be tailored for your specific environment;


Peak Performance Keynote Address For Leadership

‘7 Pillars of Wisdom; Lessons In Leadership From 3 Case Studies

Thomas Edward Lawrence, Ataturk and Otto Von Bismarck, whilst separated by culture, nationality or even chronology to some degree, still have much in common. As historical figures MC has studied intensely from school to current they hold some keys adaptable for modern day leadership. Not only relevant keys but super powerful tools for modern day leadership. Three case studies and core themes will encourage you to look at concepts hot in conversation in a whole new light. Session includes a sensational historical journey accompanied by striking visuals and powerful whole room activities.

Key Themes Include;

Leadership – collaboration – candor – thought leadership – team building – motivation


20 Centuries Plus of Success; 11 Adaptive Themes

A second journey through time; only in this instance you’ll be transported more in the style of HG Wells from current day back to the Neolithic returning gradually to the Millenials and on to the future. Ten periodic stops along the way each carry a single stand out lesson massively applicable for success in modern day business and forecasting future success. This session has an element that can also be creatively tailored for each individual business with the single caveat; one cool, fun volunteer! Powerful for either a whole business approach (sales and operations) or as targeted for individual areas.

Key Themes Include;

Success – collaboration – productivity – appropriate use of technology – improving communications – peak performance – leadership


5C Model; Mining & Polishing People Gems

In the world of diamonds there’s a well known model which, depending who you talk to, comprises 4 or 5C’s; You can read all about it one one of our blogs and the extended description covering leadership programs. We’ve adapted the context and kept the principle of 5C’s given that one of them stands for ‘Confidence’. This innovative consideration for talent development will give you clear ideas for a framework to create an environment of peak performance whilst simultaneously creating an inclusive culture encouraging discretionary effort.

Key Themes Include;

Talent development – culture – peak performance – flow theory – peak performance



Peak Performance Keynote Address In Behavioural Sciences

Breaking Sad; Minimising Brain Drain – Maximising Peak Performance

Whether you work in human development or not there are certain buzz words and areas of research that have been pinging on the radar of late; neuro science, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. These amazing and fascinating areas of science are an integral consideration for improved performance. It is after all the brain which is a central processing unit managing and sending signals to trigger every person into action. Breaking Sad highlights breaking cycles of negativity, better managing or consciously choosing change and ultimately managing your most valuable piece of personal technology with a little more care.

Key Themes Include;

Emotional intelligence – mindfulness – motivation – peak performance – change


‘Six Thinking Hacks; Jedi Styled (Self) Mind Control

Still on the theme of managing your brain try 6 tools, aka ‘mind hacks’, to truly become a Yoda styled Jedi master for self control. Whilst both the theme and tools are completely separate from the ‘6 thinking hats’ outstanding work of Edward De Bono the title is certainly inspired in name. For control freaks, you’ll love the subconscious fish slap to the face frequently triggered experiencing this session live. For people who are a little too loose with their minds, you’ll find practical tips to tighten it up the full deck of cards gifted to you more appropriately.

Key Themes Include;

Emotional intelligence – accountability – managing change – creativity – innovation – conflict resolution – time management



Peak Performance Keynote Address For Sales

MC’s 5VAE’s; Value Added Extras – The Double Edged Sword of Value

Every commercial transaction carries with it an expectation of value. The utilitarian viewpoint might reference such value as ‘return on investment’. Value though is a perception and can be established, enhanced, tapped or even seemingly built out of thin air once you know how. When you put aside the concept of commercial transactions there lives a whole other world. This session (built from first hand experiences across 10 years leading and selling in the travel industry across Europe) taps creative concepts and practical tools that are easily adaptable for most any business environment no matter the vertical.

Key Themes Include;

Value – customer engagement – customer experience – innovation – sales leadership


White Rabbit$ & Black Cat$ of $ale$; An Oracle For An Ancient Art

Sales is a skill set with recognised outlines for best practice behaviours and actions. This fast paced keynote is delivered aligned with the theme of the cult movie trilogy ‘ The Matrix’. It will give fresh insights into your sales approach to encourage peak performance and customer experience. Break out from the mainstream, free your mind and really stand out. Session includes 5 ‘white rabbits’ or tips to follow and 5 glitches (or black cats for those in the know) to avoid. A super powerful neo styled activity for personal empowerment and motivation to close.

Key Themes Include;

Sales skills – sales leadership – innovation – customer engagement – value


ROCKET Into Orbit; Contemporary Sales & Account Management Approach

As one of the 2 oldest professions (along with another kind of sales which we needn’t go into here) sales methods have adapted for buying habits and trends. ROCKET into ORBIT takes you on a journey to understand themes relevant for respecting tradition whilst maneuvering for the more contemporary. ROCKET into ORBIT are bespoke, adaptable models to really launch then send your sales and customer relationships into the stratosphere. Session includes an overview of primary considerations with pragmatic tasters taken from 9 core modules.

Key Themes Include;

Sales skills – sales leadership – innovation – customer experience – account management – value




Peak Performance Keynote Address Impacting Culture

From Diversity To Inclusivity; 6 Arenas For Greater Collaboration

We do live in a diverse world. It’s fantastic, otherwise how boring would life be if everybody were the same. Diversity itself isn’t an issue; it’s ensuring the amazing assortment becomes inclusive with regards to business and corporate culture. With first hand experience and stories from working in over 40 countries, MC masterfully weaves 6 themes into a provocative stance to ensure you’re aligning yourself with principles respecting and empowering the rights of both yourself and others.

Key Themes Include;

Collaboration – culture – innovation – globalisation – behaviours – generational


‘Podunk to Paris; A Parallel for Prosperity

The city of light; The city of love; Paris as you’ve never seen it before. The French capital and one of the unique cities recognised on brand labels around the globe turns into a very creative and powerful metaphor for business transformation and overall culture. Again, MC’s first hand experience (having lived in Paris for a year and visiting close to 100 times aside) is brought to life. Various components of this keynote weaves in external collaboration for team building including a Fine Dining Private Chef for the stars.

Key Themes Include;

Culture – business transformation – change – values – business acumen – customer experience




A Mark Carter (MC) Keynote will have your audience captivated from the onset and talking long after the event. By combining creative content, unique audio visuals and powerful storytelling, an MC Keynote will set the tone for your session, bring a vision to life and ignite change. All Keynotes encourage people participation to allow connection with the audience.


Development programs in areas such as leadership, sales, account management, presentation skills, productivity, change management and personal development.  Sophisticated, scientifically proven models & pragmatic tools, along with 20 years depth of knowledge in learning & development, ensures these tailored programs suit your environment, challenges, vision and strategy. Experience across more than 40 countries translates into development programs powerfully effecting inclusivity; cutting through diversity and other perceived barrios to learning.


Change is inevitable. Individual growth is a personal choice. Coaching enables high performance through better choices and activities.  Our coaching model allows individual and teams strive towards high performance; in turn benefiting the organization as a whole by establishing personal accountability. Our coaching modelling establishes business self sufficiency for continued development.


Whether Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller, MC hosts quality events with effortless ease. He’ll keep all elements, regardless whether scripted or ad-lib, on track, to time and extremely high energy.  His spontaneity, sense of humour and quick wit provides an appropriate level of energy: be it highly charged or empathetic, to match the different stages of each event. Frequently he will tailor additional value added elements for each occasion, including unique AV content or dreaMCatchers, as a keepsake and reminder.

What others say.

‘Mark recently spoke at an event run by one of our top real estate clients and received “outstanding” feedback. They were so happy with his work that they are getting him back again this year to present at another of their events. Mark is very professional, has an engaging presentation style and is accommodating when it comes to tailoring his content for clients. I can highly recommend him and am looking forward to working with him more.’
Marg Booth
Managing Director, Great Expectations Speakers Bureau
‘I recently has the pleasure of sharing a stage with the fabulous Mark Carter. Man I thought I had energy. Mark was absolutely fantastic. He presented with passion, energy and enthusiasm. His presentation was insightful, fun and at times tear jerking. His ability to change state within the room was awesome. I hope to work with Mark in the future but if you are looking for someone to light up your room and get your leaders thinking, Mark is the man.’
Blythe Rowe
Helps Boot Bullying Blaming & Bludgeoning

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Content and end user deliverables are always based on an initial discussion, further detailed analysis, bespoke adaptation, appropriate documentation, reports and recommendations.
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