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Sales is an old skill and like any industry with a history it’s possible to trace provenance or the evolution of ideas and adaptations until you arrive at the more common known methodologies and labels people recognise today; such as spin selling, solution sales and insight sales, all of which have merit.

Sales constitutes a culmination of many attributes. People don’t buy just because you’ve got a sales pipeline to fill or sales targets to reach.

Sales is an art form. Hence sales skills are required. Whilst having the label ‘sales’ somewhere in your job title makes it an obvious field for you to explore, you needn’t work in sales for the art to be applicable.
Social selling is a label gaining momentum in marketing realms as merely one example.

Sales performance is a science. Doing certain things a certain way will have an impact on the result. Sales rapport is a tongue-in-cheek dark art; when you begin to weave the more subtle sciences of body language or social styles into the equation. Sales can also be luck; luck in the sense that you may generate your own rather than leaving it to ethereal chance. Sales is a numbers game, although activity is only 1/3rd of that perspective. Sales activity represents elements of quantity, yet quality (best practice skills) and mental attitude are essential components for consideration if you truly strive for high performance. Sales in many arenas of modern day business means an appropriate use of technology as either the product or as part of the service offering.

Ultimately sales is relationships. Mastering 2-way conversation with all types of personalities and mind-sets whilst simultaneously building value before moving to negotiate closing a solution where all parties feel they’re winning.


The bespoke models ‘Rocket’ and ‘Into Orbit’ are based on practical stages, ensuring primary triggers are covered and value is built. Pragmatic tools for each stage are married with relevant technology for your business and industry to ensure the most effective, holistic sales process to create and support high performance.

‘Rocket’, ‘Into Orbirt and ‘Wow’ models are adapted to target appropriate new business, account renewals and account management targets whilst simultaneously increasing customer engagement and end user experiences.


Modules include elements such as;

  • Belief & Value Propositions
  • Essentials Stages of Preparation
  • Introductions, Gaining Momentum & Appointments
  • Needs Analysis, Value Discovery, Demonstrable Return on Investment
  • Present Solutions, Alignment of Value, Buying Habits & Behavioral Sciences
  • Closing & Negotiation Templates
  • Buyer Responses, Perspectives & Objection Handling
  • ww1The Double Edge Sword of Value
  • Consulting For The Future – Becoming A Trusted Advisor
  • Relationship Selling
  • Storytelling and Storyselling
  • Proposals & Tenders
  • Customer Engagement – Customer Experiences
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Technology Use Within The Sale

A Mark Carter (MC) Keynote will have your audience captivated from the onset and talking long after the event. By combining creative content, unique audio visuals and powerful storytelling, an MC Keynote will set the tone for your session, bring a vision to life and ignite change. All Keynotes encourage people participation to allow connection with the audience.


Development programs in areas such as leadership, sales, account management, presentation skills, productivity, change management and personal development.  Sophisticated, scientifically proven models & pragmatic tools, along with 20 years depth of knowledge in learning & development, ensures these tailored programs suit your environment, challenges, vision and strategy. Experience across more than 40 countries translates into development programs powerfully effecting inclusivity; cutting through diversity and other perceived barrios to learning.


Change is inevitable. Individual growth is a personal choice. Coaching enables high performance through better choices and activities.  Our coaching model allows individual and teams strive towards high performance; in turn benefiting the organization as a whole by establishing personal accountability. Our coaching modelling establishes business self sufficiency for continued development.


Whether Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller, MC hosts quality events with effortless ease. He’ll keep all elements, regardless whether scripted or ad-lib, on track, to time and extremely high energy.  His spontaneity, sense of humour and quick wit provides an appropriate level of energy: be it highly charged or empathetic, to match the different stages of each event. Frequently he will tailor additional value added elements for each occasion, including unique AV content or dreaMCatchers, as a keepsake and reminder.

What others say.

‘I have had the privilege of working alongside Mark at both SENSIS and at CareerOne and Mark continues to hit the mark with effective sales training which sales consultants and Managers can take away with them and improve their results immediately. He is the only sales trainer I have used who engages his audience with energy, passion and a humbleness that draws the consultants in. The consultants, the Sales Managers and State Sales Managers buy in to him immediately and walk away from the training with actions that work. The feedback is always exceptionally positive from any team he has worked with, he can command a group of 100+ like he did with my Call Centre at SENSIS or a smaller group of 10 as he is doing now at CareerOne. A one day session based on value changed my team overnight from selling on price to selling on value and the proof is in the results, which are 30% higher than last month.’
Kim Jackson
National Digital State Sales Director
'Mark molds our organisation from the ground up by delivering the new talents first impression of the organization, introducing and educating them to our value proposition and message to market, and coordinates their exposure to every department throughout sales and operations.
Mark Carter is phenomenal in his role, and his passion and drive is consistent and always first class. His energy, knowledge and foresight for the company and the industry is unrivalled.'
Grayson Roberts
Manager Internal Sales

Previous Engagements.

We’ve got hands on experience working with business leaders and participants covering a diverse range of industries including;
Media – E-commerce – Advertising – Recruitment – Travel – Hospitality – Telecommunications – Banking – Insurance – Sport – Retail – Property – Real Estate – Not For Profit – Government
Content and end user deliverables are always based on an initial discussion, further detailed analysis, bespoke adaptation, appropriate documentation, reports and recommendations.
You can find testimonials throughout our site and via Linked In.
Some of our previous engagements include:


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