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Motivation is often described as; An internal state of condition that activates behaviour; Desires or wants that energise and direct goal oriented behaviour. Feelings that drive someone toward a particular objectives

There are key themes you may identify when reading these descriptives for personal motivation. When you add some recognised models from the world of business, psychology and science with this basic definition of motivation you gain gain a more holistic view as to what motivation is or may be and how you may tap it.

Abraham Maslows well known hierarchy of needs breaks down into several themes such as physiological and safety being lower order, social bonding (such as love and friendship) being a middle bridge into higher order needs of esteem, self confidence and self actualisation. With the lower order needs taken care of you can focus on the higher ones.

Douglas McGregor, a professor of business management in the mid 1960’s defined a concept for management which can also be linked to motivation being Theory X & Y. Theory X assumed that people are inherently lazy and so motivation could be driven by rewards and punishments. Theory Y worked on the premise that people are more ambitious, aspiring to self control, and perhaps driven to realise their own truest motivators from within.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (don’t even attempt to pronounce it unless your sure) is the author of flow theory. The model highlights the happiness people experience when in a state of flow (otherwise known as being in the zone in some fields). Essentially flow akin to a harmony of tasks at hand mapped with a high level of challenge and skill set. Being in flow being optimal or peak performance and fulfilment.

When you look holistically at these considerations and definitions of motivation you can simplify motivation to being;

  • Biological (Science and chemical release associated with emotions and response)
  • Intrinsic (Internal motivators)
  • Extrinsic (External motivators)


Igniting Human Potential, a core peak performance program working with the science of motivation, focuses primarily on identifying and working with the arena of intrinsic motivation whilst understanding the biological. We can even use the WPMOT (Workplace Motivators profiling) and Emotional Intelligence tools to this end.

We can of course consult with regards external motivations which often come in the form of rewards, recognition or indeed punishment. The challenge with extrinsic though being that over time external rewards, or indeed consequences, may lose potency or need to increase in order to drive aspiration to gain the result.

Our bank of tools will help you untangle the hereditary chemistry from our ancient ancestors and you’ll be amazed at what you and you’re magnificent mind can actually achieve through internal awareness and grit. The concept of fight or flight will take on whole new meaning and send you into the zone of your own peak performance.


A Mark Carter (MC) Keynote will have your audience captivated from the onset and talking long after the event. By combining creative content, unique audio visuals and powerful storytelling, an MC Keynote will set the tone for your session, bring a vision to life and ignite change. All Keynotes encourage people participation to allow connection with the audience.


Development programs in areas such as leadership, sales, account management, presentation skills, productivity, change management and personal development.  Sophisticated, scientifically proven models & pragmatic tools, along with 20 years depth of knowledge in learning & development, ensures these tailored programs suit your environment, challenges, vision and strategy. Experience across more than 40 countries translates into development programs powerfully effecting inclusivity; cutting through diversity and other perceived barrios to learning.


Change is inevitable. Individual growth is a personal choice. Coaching enables high performance through better choices and activities.  Our coaching model allows individual and teams strive towards high performance; in turn benefiting the organization as a whole by establishing personal accountability. Our coaching modelling establishes business self sufficiency for continued development.


Whether Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller, MC hosts quality events with effortless ease. He’ll keep all elements, regardless whether scripted or ad-lib, on track, to time and extremely high energy.  His spontaneity, sense of humour and quick wit provides an appropriate level of energy: be it highly charged or empathetic, to match the different stages of each event. Frequently he will tailor additional value added elements for each occasion, including unique AV content or dreaMCatchers, as a keepsake and reminder.

What others say.

‘I was intrigued the first time I heard Mark Carter was going to present to our sales force as I have previously heard positive feedback regarding his style and was keen to see what all the hype was about.

Mark met and surpassed my expectations. He was charismatic, vibrant and despite this very impersonal and relatable. He charmed the audience and myself from the moment he began to present. What Mark does to captivate the audience’s attention is he makes them think, rather than giving us the answers he asks the questions and takes the audience on a journey with him.

I would highly recommend Mark for anyone seeking a motivational speaker.’
Elias Dagher
Business Development Director

Previous Engagements.

We’ve got hands on experience working with business leaders and participants covering a diverse range of industries including;
Media – E-commerce – Advertising – Recruitment – Travel – Hospitality – Telecommunications – Banking – Insurance – Sport – Retail – Property – Real Estate – Not For Profit – Government
Content and end user deliverables are always based on an initial discussion, further detailed analysis, bespoke adaptation, appropriate documentation, reports and recommendations.
You can find testimonials throughout our site and via Linked In.
Some of our previous engagements include:


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