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Bringing 20 years of learning, development and experience from over 40 countries to the online forum.

which catalogues are a fit for you?

Growth is our personal development catalogue. This includes content for personal skills, developing emotional intelligence, tapping motivation, improving communication skills, leveraging masterful awareness of behavioural sciences and personal peak performance. The catalogue also includes complete toolkits aligned with our books including the ‘Potential’ program.

Leadership is our leader, management and talent development catalogue. This includes content for critical management and leadership capabilities. Including individual and team peak performance, performance management, coaching capabilities, strategy, reporting, delegation, motivation and more. It includes tools from our ‘5C Model’, ‘Glow’, ‘Flow’ & ‘Thought Tank’ programs.

Opportunity is our extended professional development catalogue. This includes content for sales, account management, customer experience and engagement, operational efficiency, change management, project management, learning frameworks, inductions, innovation, presentation skills, productivity and more. It includes tools from our ‘Rocket’, ‘Orbit’, ‘Wow’, ‘5P Ops’ and ‘Orator’ programs.

Wisdom is our targeted skills catalogue: showcasing specifically selected learning modules across a broad selection of key elements for both personal and professional development. Uniquely different with additional shared knowledge from specialists and quality collaborators. Wisdom showcases sought after themes, hot topics and tools from many of our programs for continual, adaptive learning.

Specific content for users from your business or organization alone.

We additionally have a 5th catalogue element for Corporate, SME & Partner programs. This means we can load bespoke elements of compliance, governance, sales, operations, tech or leadership content for you. We may also bespoke training content to help embed your own bespoke versions of ‘Rocket’, ‘Wow’, the ‘5C Model’, ‘5P Ops’ or more.