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‘Remember, if ever you need a helping hand, it’s at the end of your arm, as you get older remember you have another hand; The first is to help yourself the other is to help others’

This quote by Audrey Hepburn captures our philosophy towards our specialist field of human development tied with the concept of philanthropy beautifully.

Whilst businesses we work for have diligence to support our success, we ere individually ultimately responsible for ourselves; our health; our well-being; our communications with others; our development. We are also responsible to ensure we do our best to respect and improve the well-being, rights and freedoms of others.

The word philanthropy has origins from Greek, meaning ‘love of humanity’. Terms like philanthropic, humanitarian or societal benevolence are terms often associated with high profiling public figures, companies & orgs.IMG_1231

Being a philanthropist is however not merely reserved for the wealthy or well known brands. Philanthropy goes well beyond reaching into pockets, wallets, slush funds or coffers. Philanthropy is being involved and giving back in a great many ways.

Our concept of fingertip philanthropy is by raising awareness we hope you be inspired, initially through the click of your finger, to begin to get involved. Take part through actions such as donations, social support or sharing awareness, gifting your time or even becoming a regular contributor or partner in some way with causes to which you feel strongly aligned.

Fingertip philanthropy we hope will encourage more people to become the localized, down to earth version otherwise known as an ambassador for causes with which they feel aligned.


‘There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children’.

Mandela was onto something with this remark and it’s a statement that again rings true for one consideration aligned with our company purpose and philanthropy.IMG_4249

Given we work in the field of development, the best place to begin igniting human potential is working with organisations and charities that support the development and well being of children.

Nature and nurture both play their part towards the adult a child will grow up to become. The world needs more children growing into adulthood where they shed a little more light, not dark, on our collective planetary home.

MC is often asked to host at fundraisers, you can read a little more about his style in our overview on Ceremony. Here are some primary considerations and topics to give some initial direction if you’re investigating as to see whether there is good potential to gain our support or be aligned.

  • Child development
  • Protection of at risk children
  • Eliminating abuse or violence
  • Equality of rights
  • Sustainable community growth
  • Health & well being

Some of the bodies, fantastic teams or amazing individuals who’ve been benefactors of our support and time include;IMG_5728

  • Sunrise Childrens Orphange
  • Stepping Out Housing Association
  • ChanCes




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