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The pragmatist and development professional within me completely agrees with the viewpoint that ‘the difference between a dream and a goal is a distinct plan and a deadline’. Simultaneously I’ve long held an interest in culture & traditions including North American Indian dreamcatchers and Aboriginal Dreamtime. Working in behavioural sciences and continued study into the realms of neurological research also gives me an appreciation on the science of dream states.

As a therapeutic, tactile outlet I’ve adapted the native Indian tradition of dreamcatchers to make my own contemporary versions. I constantly adapt methods and creativity that goes into each one. Every dreaMCatcher is handmade and gifted. And you too can own one. All you need do is follow our social channels, primarily on instagram, then follow instructions with best submission chosen each time being the recipient of some of these unique pieces.

dreaMCatcher; a great tradition and a visual reminder to help you to strive towards and reach your goals. You can also read the full explanation and expanded details on why I make dreaMCatchers in the chapter ‘Goals’ in my first book ‘Ignite Your Potential’.



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