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Deborah Gillham
Deborah Gillham | Artist | Designer was born in a humble little bedsit in Woodlands Road, Birmingham, UK. In 1970, at the tender age of 2 and a bit, Deb, her parents Caroline and Kevin Moore, her eldest brother David and younger sister Lorna boarded The Fairstar (funship) and set sail for the beautiful sunny shores of Australia .
Monika Obrist
Monika Obrist graduated with Masters in Architecture from TU Graz (Austria) in 1999. In this time, the she travelled to Spain and Mexico to study the architectural influences in these regions. Returning to Austria Monika worked in architecture and visual communications, perfecting her skills as a designer, while working for other design houses in Austria.
Robbie V Photos
Robert Villarosa is a photographer with an arsenal of specialist skills for live events, music, food and beverage, sports and fitness, beauty and glamour, fashion, commercial, and portrait photography.
Rachel Chambers
Rachel Chambers is a highly recommended Sales Change Leader with a strong Learning and Development focus. Rachel’s customers recognise her natural instinct to quickly understand a businesses need and create a unique and engaging program delivering sustainable change.
Sean Farrell
Australian born but hailing from a direct Irish ancestry where storytelling is part of the national psyche and the traditional educational process, Sean Farrell has inherited the gift of the Irish seanchaí, (pronounced shan-a-key), the Irish master story teller.

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