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Case Studies

For all bodies of work undertaken you can access relevant case studies, examples and direct references in order to forecast, gauge and ultimately measure the impact of all programs implemented.

With experience covering individual coaching to blue chip or global teams, sales and operations, programs and development across all levels of front line employees to senior management we can provide specific examples relevant to your ideal goals.

Below are some abbreviated notes as a quick taster for some of the fields and programs we’ve become specialised in;


Blue Chip Corporate

Sales programs, frameworks and processes for several hundred sales people across a variety of sales channels with a combined sales revenue in excess of $1 Billion dollars including.

– Call centre/telesales located in all major Australian states

– Field sales located in all major Australian territories

– Key accounts located in primary cities

– Sales leadership program running simultaneously to ensure coaching against sales frameworks200819_10150117791277056_5070101_n

– Train the trainer for facilitation skills for key personnel to be empowered to continue creativity and momentum internally

– Several bodies of work with all these elements delivered over a period of several years (consistent preferred supplier)

– Design and facilitation of primary content and motivational keynote for annual conferences over several years


Some Tangible Wins;
Increase in performance to target sales revenues including target achievement in areas of business which had previously missed.
Individuals coached using methodologies implemented would regularly feature in the top positions for annual performance and awards.
Teams tracking individual or team performance would report an upwards of 30% within days or weeks of adoption of sales methodologies



Corporate Global Presence – Green Field Development

Creation of a clear development road map and implementation of core internal development programs including;

– Induction program framework covering all areas of business (operations and sales)

– Sales framework and account management framework content creation and implementation

– Sales leadership coaching framework; including simplified automated coaching elements aligned with sales frameworkmulti

– General leadership capabilities for front line and first time managers

– Elements of SLT & ‘C’ level leadership development to drive culture and strategy

– L&D positioning to ensure localised adoption of global technologies and strategies


Some Tangible Wins;
Induction frameworks regularly scoring in the mid to high 90% from participants
Measurable technology adoption scoring regularly in top tier when ranked globally
Measurable improvement of retention or employee churn rates
Capability to track more relevant metrics for sales teams (live interactions with merchants and calls)



SME – Localised Sales Teams, 10 – 20 Employees, In Multiple States

Projects including an overhaul of all sales processes implemented over timeframes of 3 – 6 months.

– Implementation of sales methodology from scratch

– Technology analysis and upgrades to CRM systemsLBW consulting team

– Implementing reporting capabilities and general coaching frameworks


Some Tangible Wins;
Productivity and KPI inputs not only becoming more trackable but measurably improved
Achievement of sales targets within parts of business that were previously not reaching budgets


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