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Given that four of our driving principles from the company inception are; growth, leadership, opportunity & wisdom, the g-spot (our tongue in cheek creative label) stands for the principle of growth. As proponents and ambassadors for lifelong learning in addition to openly sharing thought leadership the g-spot gives free access to development content. The experiences we’ve drawn from around the world in well over 40 countries are regularly used as themes for creative content and business ideas. The g-spot: multi cultural motivational content designed to enjoy over a ritual morning coffee. Get a new habit to go with an old one and stimulate your brain.

Wonder Mum – ‘Acceptance’

For this month I'd thought I'd share a single chapter from my first book ‘Ignite Your Potential’ for the blog. For two reasons.   Firstly I recently received such a lovely review from a bright, articulate uni student, Aaron, who also happens to work with H (at HandCo Clothing).

The Power of Dreams

Pay heed to your recurring dreams...

  • ...anything immortalised on pillows can be a powerful reality check of your waking world. Eyes wide open, whilst shut.

7 Quick Tips on Presentation Skills

If you can speak well, you get to influence. If you can influence perhaps you get to change lives.

  1) Appeal first to the heart then the head.

Collaboration: An Interview With StoneBridge

StoneBridge: Award winning artist, legendary producer-DJ and the Godfather of House Music. Stone was in Melbourne town to bring in the New Year with a  series of 3 sets in a 24 hours. In addition to having arguably 2 of the biggest house hits on the planet under his belt ('Show Me Love' & 'Put Em' High') he also happens to be a good mate.

Ignite Your 2017: An Interview At Curate Space

My first book 'Ignite Your Potential' launched in November 2016. I returned to the funky 'Curate Space', location for the Melbourne book launch, for a series of interviews with Strategic Artistry founder, Chloe Beevers.

Ignite Your Potential

'Ignite Your Potential'. My first book! Some story elements were written 14 years ago and the overall concept structured 7 years ago. It was time to get it done.

There are many aspects of life I love.

Leadership Tips: Global Leadership Conference Forward

A video interview as a forward for Global Leadership & Collaborative Economy Conference. Featuring: Conference MC - Warwick Merry Conference Organiser - Brad Fergusson And input from Conference Keynote Speakers Rocky Romanello, Mary Bacon and Myself.

Development Lessons From Legends: Audrey Hepburn

I've got a wish list of people I'd like to have met: Audrey Hepburn is up there.?

British actress and fashion icon in the golden age of Hollywood and ranked by the American Film Institute as the 3rd greatest actress of all time (Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis, ranked 1 & 2 respectively, being fine company to keep for such an accolade).

Creativity: A Quicky for 5 Disruptive Tips

'Creativity: having mind blowing, irresponsible sex with whatever idea you're working on' - Lady GaGa.

  I may not be the biggest Lady Gaga fan but regardless whether it's artistic invention, disruptive innovation or relationship injection, I do concur with her perspective in the banner.

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