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Mark Carter Bio


Twenty years ago, Mark Carter worked for for Contiki Holidays as industry trainer and leader across Europe. Today he is a sought-after speaker and trainer in Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region.

He approaches the subjects of leadership, sales, peak performance and behavioral sciences from a unique perspective of depth; one he learnt leading thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of kilometres traversing a continent in addition to establishing development departments from a standing start.

As Mark says, “a tour bus is a petri dish of human behavior, and is the best way to get to know exactly how to work with all different types of people”. He’s the type of person who has so many stories, and he has an understanding of human behavior that can’t be learned by book.
Mark has acquired a catalogue of life experiences many people often dream about. He’s held senior and strategic leadership development roles in Asia Pacific, Europe and projects globally, including designing and implementing sales strategies and bespoke methodologies for billion dollar sales teams.

He has a wealth of experience working with market leaders across several industry verticals including e-commerce, advertising, travel, real estate, property, recruitment, hospitality, telecommunications, banking, government and not-for-profit.

Mark is often invited to present at business seminars and is frequently invited to speak as keynote to set the theme or as host for prestigious gala events including the Citizen of the Year Awards as part of Australia Day Celebrations in 2012.

He combines his raconteur narrative, quick wit and core ideas into presentations using invigorating stories and sensory submersion. His anecdotes and style serve to take participants on a journey; dismantling complex business concepts, big data or global ideas into innovative, bite sized strategies and tools.

Mark takes a bespoke approach to presentations and often provides attendees with handmade gifts and other value added extras regularly as ongoing motivation.

His fascination for both big picture and quirky details of life, weaved with a masterful skill in communication, allows him to build relationships with his audiences leaving them intrigued, inspired and provoked into action.

In 2016, Mark published his first book and associated projects: ‘Ignite Your Potential’. A 7 year passion project focussing on 22 tools for personal development and peak performance.

Born in England, fermented in Scotland, nurtured by Europe and matured through several round world trips, Mark Carter is a truly global citizen. He now calls Australia, home where he enjoys the fruits of a sunny lifestyle. Mangoes, after all, don’t grow in Edinburgh.



Comments Regarding Mark Carter Style:

‘What Mark does to captivate his audience is he makes them think. Rather than just giving them the answers, he asks the questions and takes them on a journey with him.’
‘Mark Carter should be bottled and drunk daily!’
‘Inspirational. Humble. Keeps it real. Energetic!’
‘A one day session based on value changed my team overnight from selling
on price to selling on value and the proof is in the results; which are
30% higher than last month.’

Miscellaneous Fun Facts About Mark Carter:
Mark once drove around Florence on vespa dressed in his kilt.
He can carry a tune and has been known to jam on stage once in a while.
Prefers clothes over cars, movies over TV & dogs over cats.
Handmakes dreaMCatchers for a creative, tactile outlet.
Is related to the actor Robert Redford on the family tree.


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